Sam Wilder releases contemporary pop-infused number ‘Vanity’

A force to be reckoned with in the pop industry, Sam Wilder will certainly become a household name soon. Returning at the beginning of March with his latest anthem, ‘Vanity‘ specialises in contemporary poop with a mature nature to it’s arrangement. Influenced by the likes of Sam Smith, Tom Chaplin and Josh Groban – this artist deserves to have his name written in glistening lights.

Turning his personal experiences into relatable tracks that we can all familiarise with at some stage in our lives, ‘Vanity’ is certainly another strong contender in Sam’s ever-growing discography. Talking about the release, Sam explains, “Vanity’ is a song about feeling used and manipulated by the people who are supposed to lift you up and keep you safe.

One of the only positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Vanity’ was written while in lockdown. Detailing that music is simply a form of escapism for Sam, ‘Vanity’ showcases that big things are in store for this artist in 2021 and beyond.