Satirical and Fun: Black Eddy Drops New Punk Rock Album 

‘Home of the Mad and the Shameless’ is the eccentric, off the wall album that floods every ear with energy. The Blackpool four-piece, Black Eddy, will be dropping the album on the 25/06/22 and they have not held back. Simultaneously fun, energetic and emotionally poignant, Black Eddy have put their soul into the album. Their lead single, Repost, captures their grunge punk rock spirit. Repost opens with catchy guitar before all four members come together to unleash their satirical sound. The six track album demonstrates the best of Black Eddy.

The album captures both the honest emotions and the fearlessness to just have fun with music. Repost satirises internet culture with the recurrent line of ‘you have the right to be offended’ among other anti-status quo chants. 

“With Repost we wanted to soundtrack the doom-scroll. It’s no secret that millions around the world struggle with internet and phone addiction (ourselves included). Like all the songs on the album, we wanted to tackle a real issue that we’re going through by making as much noise and having as much fun with it as we can!”

Countless bands have tackled themes of mental health and war yet it is refreshing to see Black Eddy examine our internet culture in such an unapologetic and energetic way. Their subversion of mental health tropes makes the album what it is and Black Eddy turn dark topics into songs you can both smile and mosh to. The songs are inspired by the bands’ real world struggles with schizophrenia, addiction and memory loss. Yet they turn these struggles and emotional vulnerability into cathartic hard rock. 

Don’t just listen to Black Eddy through your speakers, though, their explosive live shows have made them a must see in the Blackpool scene. Black Eddy are building their empire through gigs and they can only grow. With the upcoming release of their new album, they undoubtedly will.

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Aria Releases Two New Tracks in a Touching Tribute to the Earth 

Highly talented Italian producer and composer Aria is about to release his double-A side featuring two incredible singles, ‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’. Not just a gifted musician, Aria aims to bring awareness to the cruelty that animals face; the two tracks have been endorsed by Earth Day 2022.

‘The Next Life’ is a beautiful mix of inspired lyrics, wholesome instrumentals and even features upcoming Houston rapper, R Reed. The combination of genres and styles flow effortlessly throughout the song to create an inspired song. ‘The Next Life’ is an expression for Aria, the avid environmentalist and advocate for several animal associates. 

‘The Lady in White’ combines Aria’s soulful vocals with gentle yet emotional instrumentals. Each syllable sends emotion coursing through the souls of the listeners. The tribute to endangered animals adds an emotional level to the song. Aria (feel name Mariano Schiavolini) has dedicated the gorgeous track to the environment and the animals on the verge of extinction; it’s an issue that deserves to be taken seriously by everybody on the planet. 

In 2013, Aria created (Flight of the Eagle) which combines music and environmental protection. With over 1.5 million views, Aria is sharing awareness of the man-made problems wildlife faces. The two passions work seamlessly together and hopefully inspires people everywhere to help protect these wonderful animals and the planet we live on.


Perhaps best known as a founding member of the Italian prog-rock band ‘Celeste’, Aria has knowledge spanning over a variety of music cultures. With his devotion to music, Aria has since gone on to orchestrate projects across LA, Prague, Johannesburg and more. His musical talent and devotion is strikingly clear in his two new songs. 

‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’ will be available across all platforms on April 22nd 2022. These are two insanely powerful songs you don’t want to miss!

Lanceley Uplifts Listeners With Heart-Warming New Album ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ 

Adam Lanceley proves the phenomenal power of music with his new album, ‘Sweeter Than Honey’, which is exactly the vibe you get listening to his music. The feel-good album is his 11th studio album and he has clearly found his sound. He says, “Sweeter Than Honey marks the end of a long time spent struggling and soul searching,” and “with it, it feels like I’ve found an answer.” Music has been able to provide this artist, like it has done with so many others, a way to escape and process difficult emotions.

Having had death knock on his door at a young age from a debilitating accident that ended his athletic prowess, Lanceley fortunately made it through and turned to music to help him cope. The result? This joyful, inspirational album. The lead single, ‘I’m So Glad’ opens with the gentle strum of the guitar before being joined by Lanceley’s emotional vocals. This feel-good track combines the simple beat of the piano, the enticing strum of the guitar, and Lanceley’s assured vocals to produce an easy to listen to, upbeat song. Lanceley’s strength in overcoming both his physical and mental struggles shines through this album and creates an inspiring message for his listeners. 

Check out Adam’s most recent single here!

‘Sweeter Than Honey’ is an album that encapsulates a diverse range of genres, such as pop and blues, to create an optimistic sound. Much like his two previous albums, Lanceley has dedicated ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ to the same person. Lanceley’s joy and strength makes this listening to this album an uplifting experience. Lanceley is no stranger to success either; he has gained over 32k views on Global Talent World which is an extraordinary feat. His clear message clearly resonates with people around the globe. 

With ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ being released on May 14th, now is the perfect time to embrace the inspiring message of Adam Lanceley. 


Fervent Rock Band ‘The Pinpricks’ Are Here to Show Us Punk is Not Dead

Gritty German rock-band The Pinpricks have come to make their mark on the modern rock scene with their fantastic EP Rituals, consisting of three passionate unique songs that emulate the likes of The Pretty Reckless and Royal Blood. The Pinpricks are already being well-deservingly noticed by Germany’s biggest rock radio show, Rock Hard Magazine. The strong vocals of Ronja Kiminsky are perfectly matched with Nil Degendhardt’s bass playing and Rico Kobarg’s powerful drums. The three complement each other’s talents and it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to headbang. 

The Pinpricks have already rocked stages across Open Flair Festival, Stemweder Open Air and Wilwarin Festival and it’s easy to see them becoming a staple of modern rock. In their EP ‘Rituals’ each song hits with their distinguished style yet each of the three are unique and capture the listener with their individual flair and fiery essence of modern rock. 

Each song off their EP (Rainmaker, Bait, and Ritual) are all fantastically individual with staple guitar progressions that are reminiscent of Royal Blood. Combined with the powerful female vocals of Kiminsky, the heavy guitar and drums all come together to make meaningful songs that have you wanting to run into the middle of a moshpit. Their official music video for ‘Bait’ perfectly encapsulates the mixture of traditional rock with a more modern, almost steampunk, twist. The visual poetry of the video alongside the heavy sound of the song creates an atmosphere that draws everyone in. The music video for ‘Bait’, can be found here: 

All three songs of ‘Rituals’ are incredible and it is clear that unapologetic punk is not leaving us any time soon. With The Pinprick’s debut album coming later this year, we can only wonder what they have in store for us next.

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Country singer-songwriter Adam Lanceley unleashes the inordinate album “Welcome to the Next Century”

I would describe the Adam Lanceley as an irresistible fusion of melodic Eagles songs with a vocal delivery akin to Bob Dylan. Lanceley’s latest release, “Welcome to the Next Century”, is a fantastic collection of 11 songs that infuse everything excellent about country, guitar-driven music.

The album opener ‘Summer of Love’ is a gentle acoustic-driven track with an addictively catchy pop melody that you are sure to be humming along to once you get the chance to hear it. The album takes a much more mellow direction with the third track, ‘Asking for Shelter’, a powerful ballad with an alluring piano riff alongside Lanceley’s scintillating vocals. My personal favourite track on the album is ‘A World in Blossom’, a brilliantly bristly guitar riff reminiscent of Nirvana in their ‘In Utero’ days.

“The new tracks that are on this album have all been recorded since my last EP came out and all were written and recorded during lockdown. Doing this then helped me to escape some of the stress of the situation and almost take myself away to a sunnier, more care-free place. It was always intended that they would be released when the world seemed ‘brighter’ and on a more personal level, it felt like a turning point where things suddenly seemed easier”. – Adam Lanceley

However, Lanceley was not born with exceptional musical talent and suffered many severe setbacks before embracing his destiny to become a supremely talented musician. At age 10, Lanceley’s life changed forever when a car accident left him with devastating injuries that demolished his dreams of becoming a sportsman. He sustained severe brain injuries during this accident and has struggled with his mental health ever since. However, this excruciating experience allowed Lanceley to escape through music and found refuge in crafting songs. His love and passion for music are evident throughout ‘Welcome to the Next Century’ and have a lasting impact on anyone who gives it a listen.

Check out Adam Lanceley here:


Words by Aidan Whelband

The Brazilian rock trio ‘Pentral’ hit new heights with their latest single ‘Aiming for the Sun’

Aiming for the Sun is Pentral’s latest single from their outstanding LP What Lies Ahead of Us. The track wastes no time in grabbing your attention, as the first second of this song includes a rapid, turbocharged guitar riff that is sure to blast through your walls. Aiming for the Sun also contains a thumping drum beat combined with intoxicating vocals that pierce straight into your heart.

“Aiming For The Sun” is a heavier song without leaving groove behind. It’s the second chapter of the couple’s saga, when the Amazon land-grabbers show their real face and what they are up to. Through its dark vibe and pulsating lines, this song tries to express a feeling of urgency, a claim for help, showcasing the agony of the people in the woods.” – Pentral

Passionate about the environment, Pentral’s LP is a concept album that tells the devastating tale of a disorientated family within a world of rage, greed and hatred that is destroying the amazon jungle. Pentral sees their music as a powerful way to spread universal messages of equality, anti-racism and anti-discrimination. The Brazilian trio consists of brothers Victor (Singer), Vagner Lima (Drums) and Joe Ferry (Bass Guitar). Their passion for all things rock and roll is almost as strong as their obsessive desire to create a safer and tranquil world for a new generation to be raised in.

This album is even more remarkable when taking into consideration that it was recorded during an international pandemic! Victor describes the LP’s recording process:

“The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” – Victor, Pentral

Check out Pentral here:


Words by Aidan Whelband

David Omlor reawakens 60’s guitar music with the exhilarating folk-Debut LP “Entropy”

David Omlor has just released his eagerly awaited debut album “Entropy” to a glistening reception from ‘The Ark of Music’ & ‘SleepingBagStudios’. David Omlor has delivered a scintillating album that is both a nostalgic throwback to 60s folk-rock and a progressive contemporary piece of art.

Omlor wastes no time in grabbing your attention, with the album opener ‘Let You Know’ delivering an irresistibly captivating guitar riff and melody that you won’t be able to rub out of your ears. The album’s second track, ‘Truth’ is a tranquil song with a gentle acoustic guitar alongside a tender electric guitar riff, reminiscent of Gary Moore’s ‘Parisienne Walkways’ beautifully melodic guitar riff. The entire album was recorded during the tumultuous year of 2020, but Omlor has used his valuable free time to construct this excellent record. Omlor states:

“During the complete insanity that was 2020 I locked myself in and created a solo record titled Entropy. Through the magic of modern technologies like Dropbox and Zoom I was able to collaborate with amazing musicians from all over the US to put together nine songs that try to make sense of an extremely strange and difficult time and come out of that darkness with some hope.”David Omlor

My favourite tracks from “Entropy” are the beautifully melancholic “Ghosts in Oklahoma” and ‘Surprised’ which takes the listener on a leisurely stroll through a tale of finding someone you love.

Omlor’s influences include such greats as Jason Isbell, Aimee Mann, George Harrison and the folk-rock legend Bob Dylan. Music is Omlar’s enduring passion, and he is currently a member of the sensational US band Benjamin Road who have played countless shows all over America. “Entropy” is Omlar’s first step into the world of being a solo artist, and I certainly cannot wait to see what other music he has in store for us. Go check out “Entropy” if you haven’t already.


Words by Aidan Whelband

Steady Rollin’ are feeling alive and ready to show it

Steady Rollin’ make their mark with latest release ‘I Feel Alive’. The El Salvadorian trio have already made waves in the rock world, making their way into the music pages of America, Europe and beyond. 

‘I Feel Alive’ comes off their first full release, titled ‘Love & Loss’, a 10-track masterpiece set to be released on a limited-edition vinyl just in time for Christmas. ‘Love & Loss’ tells the real life love-related stories of Steady Rollin’s singer and guitarist Fernando Poma. A musical talent who has been obsessed with music for as long as he can remember and has always known it to be his calling.

‘I Feel Alive’ oozes pure authenticity, the inspiration behind the track is explained by Fernando Poma

 “I Feel Alive is a very innocent love song about two teenagers who meet each other randomly on a holiday and almost instantly fall in love and spend a whole night together dancing under the stars, going into a closed amusement park, before they each go their own way the following day”

Steady Rollin’ bring a unique talent to the table, with a classic rock sound that embraces playing their tracks in the live tradition of bands such as The Who and Cream. ‘I Feel Alive’ is the perfect track to tide you over until the release of their much anticipated project ‘Love &Loss’.

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Lucas Tadini set to release debut album in September

After the success of his debut single ‘The Arsonist’, Lucas Tadini is back with his next single ‘Welcome Back to Freedom’ ahead of his debut album ‘Collective Delusion’ which is set to be released in September. 

Watch the lyric video for ‘The Arsonist’ here

The new track, out on 26th June, tackles Tadini’s past struggles with mental health and how he has freed himself from them in recent times – a very necessary message for us all at this moment in time. 

The album, consisting of 9 tracks, includes this overarching theme of mental health with other tracks such as ‘Over the Rhone’, which addresses Vincent Van Gogh’s struggle with his mental health which resulted in his suicide and ‘23’, a track that Tadini wrote when he was 23 years old about his personal struggles at the time. 

With inspirations for the album coming from rock legends such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as well as Tadini’s multicultural background, his education at Berklee College of Music and his cat Lucifer (!), we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and see where Tadini goes this year. 





David Crosby Will Reissue CPR’s Two Studio Albums, Plus Two Live Album Via BMG

After being a part of two of rock & roll’s most foundational bands (the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, respectively), and four years removed from a life-saving liver transplant, David Crosby channeled the creative frustration he had been feeling into CPR’s 1998 self-titled debut. Joined by noted session guitarist Jeff Pevar and Crosby’s recently reunited son James Raymond, the trio crafted smart, heady, jazz-indebted rock that showcased their stunning harmonies. They followed that three years later with 2001’s Just Like Gravity, an album that refined the burgeoning trio’s sound. On May 15th, BMG will reissue CPRJust Like Gravity and the group’s two live album – Live at Cuesta College and Live at the Wiltern. All four albums will be available digitally, and CPR and Just Like Gravity will be available on CD July 31st, with liner notes written by Steve Silberman, the award-winning science writer who hosted the illuminating Freak Flag Flying podcast with Crosby from earlier this year.

“CPR was me realizing that the world of CSN and Y was getting old and stuck in its place and that I needed to still keep moving,” says Crosby. “That I had more and different music in me that needed room to grow and stretch. CPR was me finding my son James and realizing pretty quickly that he was an even better musician that I was, and that he was rapidly becoming the best writing partner I’d ever had. CPR was a wonderful chemistry that has now become the Sky Trails band. I don’t think very many people heard these records, and I do think that they are some of the best work I’ve been involved with. Enjoy.”

Still on the road with CSN – but as Crosby says merely “turning on the smoke machines and playing the hits” – the two-time rock & roll hall of famer wanted an outlet for his still churning creativity. After meeting Raymond for the first time shortly after his liver transplant, the pair discovered a creative chemistry neither saw coming. They went on a songwriting spree, and after recruiting Pevar, went on to make CPR. After a series of successful tours, they went back into the studio to record Just Like Gravity. And by opening himself up to working with younger artists to help stoke his creative fires, Crosby’s recent late-career resurgence – highlighted by 2014’s Croz, 2016’s Lighthouse, 2017’s Sky Trails and 2018’s Here If You Listen – can really be traced back to working with Raymond and Pevar in CPR.

CPR was very much a precursor to Crosby’s acclaimed Sky Trails album and the ace live band that grew out of that album, both of which feature Pevar and Raymond. Spin called Sky Trails Crosby’s “most stylistically diverse and sonically lush solo album,” while the Associated Press called it “an excellent batch of tunes.” In many ways, CPR and Just Like Gravity were albums that pushed against what was popular in rock at the time – CPR going up against the nu-metal wave of the late 90’s, and Just Like Gravity coming at the beginning of the turn of the century “rock revival” led by acts like the Strokes and the White Stripes. Crosby, Pevar and Raymond weren’t chasing after the flavor of the day or trying to recreate old glories, they simply followed their muse, trends be damned.

As Silberman says in the liner notes for the Just Like Gravity reissue, “CPR and Just Like Gravity were two of the most powerful and personal records Crosby made in his celebrated career, but they flew under most critics’ radar and quickly went out of print. The lessons that Crosby learned by opening up his creative process, however, made possible later collaborative breakthroughs like Croz, Sky Trails, Lighthouse, and Here If You Listen. Far from done at this point, his best work was still ahead of him.”