Ruth Brosnan’s ‘Toodle-oo’ is the summer power anthem we’ve been waiting for

Cork based singer-songwriter Ruth Brosnan has released her catchy summer single Toodle-oo and it’s truly addictive.

The vibrant track is another brilliant display of Ruth’s infectious character and wicked sense of humour.

With an ultra-catchy chorus, flawless production and some witty lyricism the track really is a feel good, summer vibe we’ve been silently praying for.

Watch the colourful and bright Toodle-oo video below-

The Toodle-oo visuals are energetic and fun, featuring an amazing choreographed dance piece that perfectly showcases Ruth’s quirky style and personality.

Toodle-oo is a follow up single from Ruth’s previous track Good Enough. A powerful and emotive ballad that showed Ruth Brosnan’s more vulnerable side.

Moving and heartwarming, single Good Enough soon made waves for the talented artist amassing thousands of streams on Spotify and Youtube and obtaining great exposure on radio stations and popular music blogs.

IndulgeMe made the song their ‘Track of the week’; and Pure Magazine had her at number one on their Spotlight Chart.

Good Enough came from a very personal place for Ruth Brosnan, she explains-

“I wrote this song from my own life experience. I lost my mother to suicide in 2010 when I was fourteen years of age.

In Ireland and many other countries there has been an increase in suicide rates with worrying increases among younger people. Mental health and wellness are really important and I want to increase awareness”.

Toodle-oo shows us a brighter side to the incredible Ruth Brosnan, demonstrating her diverse songwriting talent and ability to make us laugh and smile with her feel good music.

Listen to Toodle-oo now, out on all streaming platforms.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

From the heart of the Congo to the cobbles of Moscow, international artist Lartist Yan releases ‘Comme Une Reine’ visuals

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An artist that hopes to show others that it’s never too late to make your mark, rising from the Congo, through his success Lartist Yan embodies a living example of what can be achieved if you refuse to listen to those around you that try to convince you to give up your dreams.

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