The Ex Convict, Ang Low, embraces his musical prowess with the release of new single “If I Slipped”

Against all the odds, the Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and producer has manufactured an exceptional R&B track by blending momentous topics such as religion and romance with compelling drum beats and synth riffs. Low’s soothing vocal melody throughout this exhilarating single further transcends his musical genius and hones in on the emotional turmoil of making regretful decisions.

Low’s road to this musical greatness has been far from a quiet ride. Low has served a substantial amount of time in jail and suffered hugely from depression during the cold, lonely nights in a prison cell. But Low has been able to use his first-hand account of this traumatic experience into a positive musical outlet. Low says:

“I just wrote songs in my cell every day. I had no clue where to go from there. But the music just kept me sane, writing kept me focused and going. Eventually this mentality just blossomed into an artist.”– Ang Low

Make sure you keep your eyes firmly fixated on Ang Low’s SoundCloud account around mid-late July 2021, as this is when “If I Slipped” will finally be released. This single to me feels like it has been divulged by a seasoned musician with decades of experience, whereas Low has only been on the scene for a number of years. He is an up and coming artist you will not want to miss!

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Words by Aidan Whelband

Neo-Soul duo The Company set to release single Love to Hate on May 9th

Album ‘Life in the Mirror’ to follow on Licata Records, July 30th

Having previously worked as part of three piece The G.a.n.g., vocalist Kochay and composer Shamek V Farrah are set for their first release as a duo, soul track ‘Love To Hate’ – due May 9th on Licata Records.

The Marvin Gaye inspired single sees the pair at their smooth best, putting a modern twist on the classic sound of some of the Motown greats.

Their first foray as a pair, their music proudly holds roots in their respective Nigerian and West Indian backgrounds, while blending with classic soulful sounds. And with full album ‘Life in the Mirror’ due in late July, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of the duo in 2014.

The Company have already proven themselves worthy of the spotlight, having supported Florence & the Machine, playing at the 2010 Leeds and Reading Festival’s BBC Introducing stage and the Hull Freedom Festival under their previous guise as The G.a.n.g..

Now, with ‘Love To Hate’ imminent and the album on the horizon, The Company are looking to eclipse their previous achievements and begin a new journey to similar – and better – success.


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