Rising star Kelsey Coleman says Thank You for immense UK support

Following the huge success of her debut single Nobody, Kelsey Coleman gives a warm ‘thank you’ to her UK audience in a touching video tribute.

Nobody made waves for the young pop talent across the globe but found a special place in the hearts of the UK music audience.

As a thank you for the continued support Kelsey Coleman has released a dreamy cover of Warren Zevon’s Keep Me In Your Heart. Heartfelt, emotive and pure Kelsey explains the sentiment behind the video- 

“In the world today with what’s occurring and with all the conflict and anger, Keep Me in Your Heart is a message about peace and love, which I think we all need more of. I wanted to spread positivity and light to people and hopefully give people something to smile about. This is also a thank you to all the fans and supporters of my music and career so far. Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoy my cover!”

Nobody was an uplifting debut single we all needed, an ambient track featuring Kelsey’s dreamy vocals and authentic lyrical style.

Kelsey Coleman is a genuine talent, a delicate musician and a vivid story teller. An artist that brings innovation to the Pop genre and whose future is set to shine brightly. 

Debut single Nobody has already clocked up over 200,000 Spotify streams to date and even received a feature on prominent youtube channel The Vibe Guide. But Kelsey is not stopping there. With a new single due in October of 2020 Kelsey Coleman has endless talent to share with the world. 

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Written By: Jessica Rowe