Théa Marie Marie set to tug at our heartstrings with stunning debut album

London based singer-songwriter Théa Marie sets her sights on greatness with the forthcoming release of debut album Then.

Théa Marie is a Franco-American talent, combining the sounds of her multinational background and upbringing into an unstoppable indie-pop blend we guarantee you haven’t heard yet. 

Born and raised in Cannes France before studying in New York and eventually settling in London, Théa Marie is undeniably a well travelled talent. This diverse life experience and influence is what gives Thèa’s sound an authentic and rare tone. 

Then is an 8-track project composed of soulful indie-pop tracks infused with Thèa’s original sense of flair and style. The album’s lead single Start Of Us is a catchy, infectious indie single that is sure to propel Thea to the next level of stardom. 

Thèa labels her musical direction as Retro-Soul, with project Then centred around the theme of nostalgia. Thea explains- 

“It’s all about being reluctant to grow up because childhood memories are so appealing and simple. Every song relates to a memory or emotions that have led me to feel bitter about growing up and being nostalgic for those more innocent times. For example, Sleepy Summer is about not wanting summer to end and dreading to have to go back to work; Don’t Walk Away was inspired by a dream where I was telling my younger self not to abandon me; Times of My Life is about pleading to bring back the simplicity of my childhood to my present. Most of the songs were written and inspired by my shift to becoming independent”.

Théa Marie oozes quality and authenticity, a true talent and an exciting future female star in the indie pop genre.

Debut album Then has the rare power to take us back, reminiscent and powerful this project is not to be missed. Then is set for release on 28th August, get excited and get ready.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe