Innovative pop artist Waterflower releases ambitious album ‘Balta Gaisma’

Latvia based singer-songwriter and producer Waterflower (Sabine Moore) is one of those artists that makes music without boundaries. Thinking completely outside of the box and creating individual music, the newly released album ‘Balta Gaisma’ is her most original work to date. Known for her captivating soundscapes and use of flowers and plants to create musical tones, the new album is expressive and free to do whatever it wants.

Speaking out for many in the LGBTQ+ movement, this empowering artist channels 80s inspired textures within the release. Some stand out moments on the album are ‘Find It!”, an experimental wonder that feels like the lovechild of Björk and FKA Twigs, ‘Chemtrail’, a jagged synth number with triggered rhythms, and ‘Palm Vs Palm’, a delicate, deep electronic track with enchanting vocals.

On the whole creation of Waterflower, the songstress stated:

“As a conceptual artist I use many symbols, but one of my favourite art techniques for performance is something like Brian Eno’s creative strategy – to create a mechanism, run it, and see what happens. I start my Waterflower shows by connecting nearby plants. I never know how they will behave before the show, or how they will react to my touch. Experiments with different plant species intrigue me greatly. I started working with plant synthesizers in 2015, when I saw the Kickstarter project for the Ototo synthesizer. 

I decided that this is what (..) “Waterflower” is all about, playing with plants as synthesizer keys. The technology used in Ototo also works with other materials, but plants are my choice. The other plant synthesizer I use is a MIDI Sprout. It measures the electromagnetic changes (impulses) in a plant and turns them into notes. Then it is up to me to find the most suitable instrument for these sound patterns. In each concert space, these plants create different melodies – I am very interested in that.”

Waterflower is an artist bathed in originality. A distinctive performer that always stays true to herself, the album explores the lightest and darkest parts of Sabine’s mind. 


M3staken's experimental concept album 'Apex'
Upcoming artist and music producer M3staken (M3) releases his new soundtrack album titled ‘Apex’. The 8-track collection of instrumental hip-hop features original productions with an experimental twist.
Born and raised in South Carolina, M3 made ‘Apex’ as an attempt to create a unique fusion of classical, hip-hop and electronic styles. It’s an ambitious piece of work for a young producer but he states that “as a primarily hip-hop based artist, it was important for me to emphasise the amount of musicality there is in hip-hop, while also using a mix of classical styles and modern techniques”.
Taking inspiration from the likes of Joey Bada$$, FKA Twigs and Jamie xx, M3’s unique style fuses classical, hip-hop and electronic styles.
M3staken’s classical sound contrasting with the hip-hop beats comes from unique techniques such as using live classical pianos rather than samples, escaping the hip-hop cliché. Consequently, there is an authenticity to his music that sets M3 apart from the crowd.
Definitely worth a listen for those ambitious listeners out there who enjoy something that pushes the boundaries!