80’s obsessed Empathy Test release third album

Empathy Test are set to release their third studio album this week and as Louder Than War put it, it contains “A set of songs lovers of 80s synth pop will be drooling over the minute the first verse has been heard.” 

With the single ‘Monsters’ already released (listen in the link below) we can see why Louder Than War are calling all 80s synth pop lovers to join the Empathy Test hype train. 

The band themselves are self proclaimed 80s obsessive having admitted their name is a nod to science fiction classic Blade Runner and ensuring that the new album will have a vinyl version released in 2020 too. 

And with this new and bigger than ever sound that the guys are bringing with this new album, we believe it won’t just be 80s lovers that are tuning in and downloading ‘Monsters’ on Friday – we expect big things for the London based electro-pop band and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for them. 

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