Dutch artist Odillia teams up with Tha Doggfather himself Snoop Dogg on brand new track ‘Break It Down’

Odillia releases her most impressive track to date, collaborating with Tha Doggfather himself Snoop Dogg on brand new single ‘Break It Down.’

Released October 2nd, ‘Break It Down’ follows chart-topping debut single ‘End of the World’ and lives up to expectations.

I write all of my own songs. They are all based on things I have personally experiences or the experiences of people in my life. Sometimes, when two people are in a relationship but not on the same page, there comes that moment of honestly where they just have to break it down and say what it is they want or don’t want from each other. I’m excited to play off those emotions in a back and forth with Snoop with beautiful Aruba as the backdrop of the story.


Written by Odillia exploring the ups and downs of a relationships, it’ll come as no surprise how much success this single is getting across the globe.

A collaboration sent straight from the gods, ‘Break It Down’ is one of the musical highlights of the year. 

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