Aria Releases Two New Tracks in a Touching Tribute to the Earth 

Highly talented Italian producer and composer Aria is about to release his double-A side featuring two incredible singles, ‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’. Not just a gifted musician, Aria aims to bring awareness to the cruelty that animals face; the two tracks have been endorsed by Earth Day 2022.

‘The Next Life’ is a beautiful mix of inspired lyrics, wholesome instrumentals and even features upcoming Houston rapper, R Reed. The combination of genres and styles flow effortlessly throughout the song to create an inspired song. ‘The Next Life’ is an expression for Aria, the avid environmentalist and advocate for several animal associates. 

‘The Lady in White’ combines Aria’s soulful vocals with gentle yet emotional instrumentals. Each syllable sends emotion coursing through the souls of the listeners. The tribute to endangered animals adds an emotional level to the song. Aria (feel name Mariano Schiavolini) has dedicated the gorgeous track to the environment and the animals on the verge of extinction; it’s an issue that deserves to be taken seriously by everybody on the planet. 

In 2013, Aria created (Flight of the Eagle) which combines music and environmental protection. With over 1.5 million views, Aria is sharing awareness of the man-made problems wildlife faces. The two passions work seamlessly together and hopefully inspires people everywhere to help protect these wonderful animals and the planet we live on.


Perhaps best known as a founding member of the Italian prog-rock band ‘Celeste’, Aria has knowledge spanning over a variety of music cultures. With his devotion to music, Aria has since gone on to orchestrate projects across LA, Prague, Johannesburg and more. His musical talent and devotion is strikingly clear in his two new songs. 

‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’ will be available across all platforms on April 22nd 2022. These are two insanely powerful songs you don’t want to miss!

Violence Bleed Art in Noble1BOF’s Phenomenal New Album

Noble1BOF’S new track ‘No Games’ absolutely deserves a spot on your hype playlists. Coming in with a strong, catchy beat, this track is impossible to skip. Noble’s vocals support his lyrical mastery whilst Carla’s vocals on the chorus come together to make an impeccable song. Even if you’re not a huge fan of rap or drill, Noble’s talents are undoubtable. Even more noble, the artist is a reformed prisoner who is dedicated to helping others in his situation avoid the same mistakes. He’s used the power of music to transform a multitude of lives and hopefully, he will continue to do so. 

As former BBC presenter, Miranda Rae puts it: “Straight away I got caught up in the wicked beats. Loving the vocals by Carla, all round an absolutely fricking banger of a track. Please get me a radio edit asap! Again, this track has its own blend of vibes, almost rave-like hip hop vibes that gets ya head nodding.” 

‘No Games’ is reminiscent of artists like Stormzy, Dave and Giggs but Noble1BOF manages to keep his music unique with the combination of masterful beats and features. The overall sound is remarkable in itself and Noble1BOF certainly doesn’t falter on the depth of the lyrics. He references his difficulties of prison and being surrounded by Brixton’s gangs and as a result, the genuine passion behind his lyrics and delivery elevates the track. Noble’s style could be described as grime-adjacent hip-hop with drill influences, but Noble takes this old-school influence to a new level. His music may appear to target a specific genre, yet even without being familiar with the cultural influences, it is a song that gets you moving. 

His album, ‘Benefits of Freedom’, is just the start of Noble1BOF’s career and hopefully we can all expect more incredible songs from him. For now, he will be headlining his own event at Brixton Jamm on June 29th

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Dutch artist Odillia teams up with Tha Doggfather himself Snoop Dogg on brand new track ‘Break It Down’

Odillia releases her most impressive track to date, collaborating with Tha Doggfather himself Snoop Dogg on brand new single ‘Break It Down.’

Released October 2nd, ‘Break It Down’ follows chart-topping debut single ‘End of the World’ and lives up to expectations.

I write all of my own songs. They are all based on things I have personally experiences or the experiences of people in my life. Sometimes, when two people are in a relationship but not on the same page, there comes that moment of honestly where they just have to break it down and say what it is they want or don’t want from each other. I’m excited to play off those emotions in a back and forth with Snoop with beautiful Aruba as the backdrop of the story.


Written by Odillia exploring the ups and downs of a relationships, it’ll come as no surprise how much success this single is getting across the globe.

A collaboration sent straight from the gods, ‘Break It Down’ is one of the musical highlights of the year. 

Follow Odillia to find out more of her latest chart-topping exploits.


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Cloudy Clouds unveils poetic 14-track album ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’

Cloudy Clouds releases his debut album, ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’. A collection of songs filled with nostalgia and an instant ‘classic’ feel to it’s soundscape, this is a statement for the UK’s ever-growing hip-hop scene. Claudio Elliston aka Cloudy Clouds draws inspiration from artists such as Eminem and Sha Stimuli, but always brings his own individuality to the table. An artist that’s not afraid to beat around the bush, Cloudy Clouds’ iconic aspects include British humour, emotive lyricism and personal songwriting. 

Imprisoned in a Daydream’ begins with a subtle American twang dialogue before venturing into the unknown. A hazy beginning that lingers in your mind for days, and as Claudio states.. ‘I don’t want to leave this dream ever.’ As for the next single, ‘Struggle Rappers Anthem’ isn’t for the faint hearted. Straight to the point about wanting more exposure with his distinctive songwriting, this grime-influenced number is bathed in hard-hitting rhythms. Bringing a strong flavour of the sound of rap in the noughties, ‘Calling Round’ blends elegant piano lines with creative vocals

Hear It’ is a collaboration straight from the heart. Featuring rapper Aïda, the lyrics are sharp and fuelled with hook-lines. While the instrumentation is mellow and easy-listening, the chaotic vocals on top are innovative.

Wavy’ is a thought-provoking, relatable number, while ‘Freewriting’ features an iconic piano line that nudges early Eminem vibes. ‘Dirty Secrets’ then enters with enchanting vocals, and turns into an experimental hip-hop wonder. 

An album that thinks outside the box, most of the release still pays ode to Cloudy Clouds’ influences. Though with ‘My Environment,’ Cloudy Clouds is simply in his natural habitat. Rhyming on command and ambitious piano lines, this number flows like water from a stream.

‘Pillow Talk’ feels like a subtle album feeler on the release. At just under 2 minutes long, the backing vocals are simply bewitching. ‘One Night’ is the most commercial track on the record, and features a collaboration straight from the heavens. Firahs and Lucci Rich add their own flavour to this established anthem. ‘Wrote You a Love Song’ is infused with mainstream pop sensibilities.

Arguably Cloudy Clouds’ most powerful track, ‘Your Future Daughter’ deals with truthful dialogue on the UK’s drug laws. Armed with British commentary and unique views, it’s the haunting backing vocals that you’ll be singing along to. ‘Maybe Tomorrow Then’ tells the story of feeling unmotivated, and always remembering that you can just get things done tomorrow.

Describing the album in one word, ‘Priceless’ rounds off a release with purity and charisma. Cloudy Clouds is an artist filled with character – and the thoughtful, carefully-constructed tunes on this record deserve to be listened to.

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Jonny Dee's Brand New Album Draws Inspiration From The Likes Of Kid Cudi And Childish Gambino


The rising music of today has managed to capture a raw and rootsy feeling that comes hand in hand with the DIY approach that most artists take now.
Jonny Dee has been playing around his local scene for a few years now, and with talent for songwriting, and standing out in today’s market. Jonny Dee’s adolescence like attitude, mix with his laid back vocal style combine to bring the youthful edginess to music.
The release of his brand new album ‘The Human Experience’, which features tracks such as ‘Feedback’ and ‘A ways away’, has been gaining buzz for a while now, and with its release fully underway and complete, there is no excuse for you not to listen to it!

Supporting Life Through Music – A Truly Noble Cause

Every now again, a story comes my way that is so moving, and so inspiring, it completely changes my outlook on, well, pretty much everything… This is exactly what happened as I sat and read about The Celebration of Life, Demelza and a little boy called Jaden.
Sadly, Jaden suffers from a terminal brain disease, and his parents were initially told by doctors that he wouldn’t live long. However, to the complete delight of his family and everyone who knew his story, Jaden celebrated his 11th birthday in August, and the care he received at the hospice run by Demelza was instrumental to this.
Learn more about the work Demelza Hospice does here:
A huge part of this care was music, and this is where the guys at the Celebration of Life come in.
Watch the documentary about the project here:
The Celebration of Life is a fundraising project started by a group of producers from the jungle, drum & bass, reggae and dance worlds (some of Jaden’s favourite genres) who were moved by his story; Potential Badboy; Demolition Man; Jr. Dangerous; Navigator; Tippa Irie; General Levy; Alaska MC and Cowboy Ranger. They have come together to produce a song, and music video called “Celebrate Life”. The track has been described as ”an uplifting, beat-heavy, furiously catchy song which is aimed at all those struggling in situations beyond their control and showcases some of the best in UK musical talent from the last twenty five years, in a completely unique coming together of genre.”
Watch the video to “Celebrate Life” here:
To promote the release of the track, the guys will be headlining Jungle Fever at the Ministry of Sound on the 22nd of September and all proceeds will go straight to Demelza and the hospices so they can continue their amazing, important work.
Keep up with the guys on social media here:
Twitter: @celebratelifeuk
Instagram: celebrationoflifeglobal
There was never a cause more worthy so please, get involved; it’s work like this that makes all the difference in our world!

NEW: Unique Hastings ‘Skip The Talking’

Processed with Rookie
Processed with Rookie

A singer, rapper, songwriter and producer, Unique Hastings is a multi-talented artist with music in his veins. His father owned a recording studio and his mother taught him to sing. On top of this, both his grandparents were musicians.

Unique Hastings is likely to appeal to fans of Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Seal, combining their collective pop appeal, whilst also channelling his own distinct smoky vocal tone and stylistic diversity.

Stream ‘Skip the Talking’ here:


On top of his musical endeavours, the singer has also co-starred in an award-winning short film titled ‘Shantell Town’, the soundtrack of which he also co-produced.


The artist has another exciting single on the way titled ‘Gimme All Ur Luvin’, plus a full-length album titled The Heart of A Dreamer set to drop in 2017.


‘Skip the Talking’ is out 30th September

Faimkills: Songwriter, rapper, poet, performer

Fresh off of his recent EP, Manic Pixie Dreams, Faimkills has teamed up with fellow Inland Empire singer, Des to deliver visuals for their song “Fade In” off their upcoming collaborative self-titled EP, bdrmacts due out Monday May 31st, 2016.

Shot and edited by New Culture Media Group and presented by Brick To Ya Face, “Fade In” (produced by New York-based artist JVZZI) is the first taste of bdrmacts‘s sound, which has been described as equal parts dream pop and hip-hop.

The video tells the story of two college students studying for finals while daydreaming about each other.

“Fade In” (music video):

The Time Has Come for Zero Dinero – South West producer / rapper releases electrifying new EP!

Influenced by the golden era of hip hop, UK producer / rapper Zero Dinero comes through with this electrifying new EP The Time Has Come demonstrating some energetic flows, tight rhymes and some very impressive instrumentals.

Guest appearances include Kool Keith (aka Dr Octagon) and Blackalicous’s Gift of Gab, as well as famous scratch DJ, Sir BEANS OBE. The artwork and video meanwhile comes courtesy of Graham Dews (aka PARIS), the artist behind Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto cover. An impressive coup for this Swindon debutant.

Watch the NEW video for ‘Crowd Levitator’ below:

Stream the track ‘Be and Make’ from the EP below:

A multi-talented musician, Zero Dinero (who’s given name is Nilkesh Mehta) handles all his own production. As well as rapping alongside hip hop legends he also plays guitar, sitar, tablas (Indian percussion), harmonium (Indian Keyboard), and has experience as a hip-hop/ funk/ reggae DJ starting out aged only 14.

Embracing his Indian roots, Zero weaves elements of Eastern philosophy into his lyricism. Some of the themes include meditation, Yoga and reading philosophy – which are uniquely presented for the first time in a Hip hop context.

The rapper’s life has been one of many challenges. Between 1999 and 2000 he travelled the world teaching English to UNICEF kids and learning Spanish fluently, something that has helped him to have such a clear outlook on life. Following a degree in International relations and Law he found himself in a corporate environment, which never sat well with him. He also recently had a serious health scare battling early Testicular Cancer.

Having overcome all this, Zero Dinero is now ready to fully pursue his true calling and has devoted himself to the career in hip hop that he always wanted. Due to his Indian background, his parents thought he should keep music strictly as a ‘hobby’ when he was younger, rather than pursue it as a ‘profession’. The Time Has Come sees him finally overcoming obstacles and following his passions.

With such endorsements from Hip hop royalty; Zero Dinero’s unique eastern influenced debut release will truly add a new dimension to both the UK and global Hip Hop scenes.


The Time Has Come is out May 21st