Vanderocker releases new psychedelic indie EP ‘The Good Punk’

Adrienne Vanderocker aka the mastermind behind indie music project Vanderocker returns with an exotic new EP. Titled ‘The Good Punk‘, the EP features four brand-new numbers bathed in psychedelia, indie, electro-pop with experimental touches and one instrumental bonus track.

Touching upon themes of sex, voyeurism and duality, Vanderocker collaborates with producer Brandon Eggleston on the release. With a string of note-worthy guest artists on the EP too – Federico Pol Jr (Joe Cocker), Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols, PIA) and Brendan Bond (Black Pumas) all feature on the new release.

An eccentric record which showcases that experimental music is far from over, if anything, it’s still at the beginning of its realm.

On the new soundtrack, Vanderocker states, “In my mind, it’s a basic study of humans on different levels, almost from an Alien National Geographic kind of perspective. ‘Here is Earth, a most beautiful place and here are the alluring creatures who call themselves human beings. Let’s observe them when they are just in their bodies.

Now look how they change when they interact with other groups’ – like a typical lab observation, right? Which is interesting in itself; but then of course, we have to look at how amazingly powerful humans can be when they disengage from the drama and plug into something bigger than themselves. I find comfort in all of it, when I can step back and observe us the way a newcomer might.”

Released via Mint 400 Records, ‘The Good Punk’ is a versatile soundscape with a large amount of vibrance to it’s core. Vanderocker is definitely an artist that you should keep on your playlists from here on out.


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