Aria Creates Passionate Tributes to the Animal Kingdom In New Singles 

Passion and true love for the animals that inhabit this earth has created two touching singles, ‘The Next Life’ and ‘The Lady in White’. Aria’s Earth Day tracks shed emotional light on the cruelty that animals face and those animals that are on the verge of extinction. ‘The Next Life’ features both Aria’s incredible musical talent and the vocals of upcoming Houston rapper, R Reed. The result is a lyrically and instrumentally gorgeous track that combines the rock ballad with dynamic hip hop elements and it works flawlessly to create an emotional dedication to our earth. 

As an advocate for several animal associations, including Animals Asia Foundation, Aria is committed to improving the lives of animals everywhere and raising awareness for their plight. The multi-talented artist is perhaps best known as a founding member of Italian prog-rock band Celeste. In 2013, Aria founded the website (Flight of the Eagle), a multi-media project that showcases montages of the animal kingdom to the sound of Aria’s music. His combination of music and environmental protection is admirable, and is something everyone should be aware of. His passion for bringing the world together through music is clear.

Aria’s vocals can’t help but carry an emotional depth that entices listeners and surrounds them. ‘The Lady in White’ begins with soft instrumentals before being joined by Aria’s passionate vocals, the slow ballad showcases Aria’s undeniable musical talent. No two songs of his are the same and each brings to light an individual theme. With Aria’s rich musical legacy, his acclaims are not undeserved.  

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Eccentric Duo ‘Falling Felon’ Release An Addictive Self-Titled Album

Exciting artist ‘Falling Felon’ have created irresistible sounds in their brand new self-titled album. The eccentric duo capture freedom and wildness in the ten-track album and this is encapsulated in their lead single, ‘I Just Do The Falling’. The song begins with a catchy electronic beat and Lombe’s unique vocals which draw the listener in. Their use of the simple beat with the spoken word style of delivery allows the listener to be completely enveloped by their unconventional style. Apaig drew on a childhood in Zambia and these elements are used throughout the track which, alongside the influences of Berlin and Parisian music, lead to a truly independent way of producing music. 

The duo are clearly suited for each other; Lombe brings her musical talents with a hypnotising voice and Le Meur’s creative vision leads to a quirky dynamic and original sounds. Their music does not stop at catchy electronic beats but also features deep emotions which are carried perfectly in Lombe’s voice. So whether you want to dance or explore your emotions, or perhaps both, Falling Felon is the way to go. They are not afraid to experiment with unconventional sounds and the mixture of influences results in an album of individuality. Each track within the album brings a whole new sensation and stylistic flair.

Falling Felon’s talent is highlighted throughout the album and certainly brings a new sound to listeners. My personal favourite is ‘Asrican Hase’ with its high tempo, addictive beats which make it impossible to sit still whilst listening. No two songs are the same yet they flow into each other so the whole album has an ambient atmosphere and it’s easy to listen to it on repeat and envelop yourself in the duo’s artistic talents. 

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Escapism in the Form of Psychedelic Rock in New LP ‘Nocturnal Flight’

Shiny Glide proves to us that his psychedelic indie-rock is a safe space to people everywhere with his new LP ‘Nocturnal Flight’. The talented musician transports the listener away from the troubles the world faces; his songs provide a well-needed escape from the isolation that many of us now know too well. His lead single ‘In Danger of Extinction’ perfectly encapsulates this essence of hopelessness at isolation with his use of serene guitar and synth.

The song begins with the simple synth which is then combined with his emotional vocals that immediately captures the listener. Shiny Glide’s free spirit in a world of conformity shines through and is evident in his artistic talent. 

‘Nocturnal Flight’ is in keeping with Shiny Glide’s eccentric manner and it is clear that the ten track collection highlights his faith to his dream of making inspired music. It is the type of music that appeals to the human condition; to freedom and creativity. The lyrics of ‘In Danger of Extinction’ tell a story of emotional struggle and existentialism yet the psychedelic composition of the instruments creates a vibrant tranquillity. Shiny Glide’s despondency at the isolation the pandemic caused and his own struggles with artistically limited family empowered him to create an LP full of indignation at the troubles the world is faced with.

He explains: “I don’t make music for others or for the masses but to treasure a divine and universal language and to survive the best way I can in a pretty sad and horrible world and society”. This idea is expressed wonderfully in his music and clearly showcases his artistic talent.

‘Nocturnal Flight’ provides a unique escape from the struggles and isolation plaguing the world and is an excellent, introspective LP to utterly lose yourself in.

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Bandcamp are back saving the day by launching new live-streaming service

Known for music streaming and retail, Bandcamp have now launched a new live-streaming service for artists. Saving the day many times during the first lockdown and now for lockdown 2.0, Bandcamp waived their revenue share of sales for one day each month, and raised $35 million for artists via their ‘Bandcamp Fridays’.

Certainly giving something back to the community and helping artists across the globe, Bandcamp Live allows musicians to create ticketed live streams as well as have their own ‘virtual merch table’ during their show.

Bandcamp have mentioned they will be taking a 10% fee from ticket sales, but are waiving their share until March 31st next year.

Saving the day once again, this is how musicians should be treated in a pandemic, yes, I’m looking at you Spotify!

To read more details on the new announcement, you can read here.

Blues Rockers Steady Rollin’ set to release exclusive UK remix of stunning single You’re Mystical

The Steady Rollin’ wave continues as the El Salvadorian band continue to rock the musical boat.

Hailing from the tiny Central American Republic of El Salvador, Steady Rollin’ have successfully reached the music pages and radio waves of America, Europe and beyond.

Their most recent release, You’re Mystical, quickly became a firm fan favourite.

Grooving and authentic, the track reminded us that Steady Rollin’ are raw rock talent, abandoning studio tricks and providing pure musical prowess

You’re Mystical gets a refresh with a hugely anticipated UK-exclusive remix by top DJ and producer, Elyse Rich (due for release on 16th October).

The track is a love song tinged with the fear of rejection. Singer and guitarist Fernando Poma, explains-

“It’s a love song about a long-married couple where the husband feels a bit insecure about his wife’s love for him. He takes her to a solitary cottage in the woods. He looks at her and feels so much love that just the depth of that love makes him so scared of losing her.

At one point he asks her to take a walk with him under the stars – he wants to see if the “stars are still shining” for HIM regarding her love for him. They get back into the house and he looks at her in the kitchen and can’t do anything but “sigh”. He loves her so much that he is afraid. He finds her truly mystical and otherworldly”. 

The trio that make up Steady Rollin, Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals, Gerardo Pardo on bass and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals, have captured the ears and hearts of audiences across the globe.

Transcending borders, their outreach goes far and wide, establishing the bluesy rockers as ones to watch.

On top of the magical You’re Mystical remix, Steady Rollin’ have a full 10 track project in the works entitled ‘Love & Loss’.

‘Love & Loss’ is set for release on strictly limited-edition vinyl just in time for Christmas.

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Father-son duo ‘Uneven Stevens’ hit headlines, proving how music PR companies are here to help.

Made redundant last summer, Richard Stevens was left without work. In a stressful situation, his son Oscar decided that they should write a song to send to employers asking them to look beyond the CV and at the person behind the paper.

Amazingly, after hearing ‘Paper Me’, one employer hired Richard Stevens, who now finally has a job after 200 failed applications.

The father-son duo also asked music PR company Quite Great to listen to their song. As an unsigned, one-song band, Uneven Stevens were likely to receive little recognition, but after hearing the heartwarming story, Quite Great gave the band the platform they deserved.

Now, Richard’s story of finding employment through music has reached the upper echelons of UK and Irish press. With headlines in The Scottish HeraldThe Belfast Telegraph and ITV News, as well as broadsheet mentions in The Metro, The Sun and The Star, Uneven Stevens have proven why unsigned artists should always reach out to music PR companies like Quite Great.

‘Paper Me’, and the touching story behind it, is the definition of a feel-good tune and a great example of the music industry pulling together in hard times.

Listen to Paper Me now-

Find and support the iconic father/son duo Uneven Stevens.


Written By: Jessica Rowe

Bruce Williamson, former Temptations frontman, has died from coronavirus

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Bruce Williamson, best known as the former frontman of legendary soul group The Temptations, has died aged 49.

The singer died on Sunday (September 6) at his home in Las Vegas after battling the coronavirus, TMZ reports.

Williamson’s death was confirmed by his son, who paid tribute to his father on social media.

“There’s no words in the world that can express how I feel right now,” Bruce Williamson Jr. wrote on Facebook. “I love you Daddy thank you for being awesome thank you for being loving thank you for being who you are I pray to God and we will meet again.”

Born on September 28, 1970, in Compton, California, Williamson joined The Temptations in 2006 and performed with the group until 2015, singing lead on their albums ‘Back To The Front’ and ‘Still Here’.

He was also a part of the group, known for their iconic hits ‘My Girl’, ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’ and ‘Get Ready’, when President George W. Bush invited them to perform at the White House for a celebration of Black History Month in February 2008.

Speaking in a 2013 interview, Williamson credited his background in the church for creating the foundation for him to become a member of The Temptations.

“After seven years as a Temptation I am still in awe,” he said at the time, “and I can remember the first time I performed with the group: at a millionaire’s private birthday party, on a small stage that was erected on his tennis courts.”

Thoughts are with his family, friends and fans at this difficult time.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

64% of UK Musicians are considering quitting, new study finds

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A new study has claimed that a staggering 64 per cent of musicians in the UK are considering leaving the profession due to the financial impact of coronavirus.

The stark outlook comes from booking site Encore, which surveyed 560 musicians to understand how the pandemic has affected them financially.

On average, musicians have lost £11,300 from cancellations since March 2020 and 87 per cent of them have fewer gigs booked for August-December 2020 than the same period in 2019.

When the statistics are broken down even further, the research also reveals that young female musicians have 34 per cent fewer gigs booked for 2020 than men.

It is also claimed that pop singers are the worst affected, losing an average of £19,900 in earnings as a result of cancellations since March 2020.

According to Encore, many musicians are falling through the gaps of financial support too – with 41 per cent failing to qualify for the government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

Covid-19 has had an undeniably disastrous affect on the music industry and its musicians, with independent artists being hit the hardest. These new statistics demonstrate the reality of just how hard musicians have been hit.

Reported By Jessica Rowe

Triller joins race to buy rival platform TikTok

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Another big twist in the TikTok sell-off saga.

For months MBW has been writing about the rapid emergence of rival US-based social short-form video service Triller, which recently claimed 250m worldwide downloads of its app – and is in the middle of a lawsuit against TikTok alleging patent infringement.

Meanwhile, under pressure from the administration of US President Donald Trump, Chinese TikTok parent Bytedance appears resigned to selling off its app’s operations in the United States and certain other territories, including Australia.

US-based corporations who have expressed interest in acquiring TikTok’s US operations so far include Microsoft, Oracle and supermarket chain Walmart.

Now, Triller has officially joined this list.

Triller CEO Mike Lu confirmed yesterday (August 28) that his Los-Angeles-based company has made a bid for TikTok with backing from London-based investment firm Centricus Asset Management.

Centricus already oversees a global portfolio with $27bn-worth of assets.

Said Lu: “We believe [Triller and TikTok’s] two teams can work alongside each other and create the best short form video platform. Triller would be the best home for all of TikTok’s users as we have always put product and users first. This is the beginning of a new chapter.”

According to a Bloomberg report, Triller and Centricus’s bid amounts to $20 billion, and would see Triller acquire TikTok’s assets in the US, Australia, New Zealand and India.

An incredibly interesting move from the rival platform, if finalised, could Triller create a monopoly over the short form video sharing app world?

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

The Killers hit 40,000 sales as they strive for chart success

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The Official Charts Company Midweek Sales Flash is in, and stars The Killers are bidding to outstrip Lady Gaga and score the fastest-selling album of 2020 so far.

With 43,639 sales, Imploding The Mirage begins the week at No.1 and has Lady Gaga’s Chromatica – which sold 53,000 copies in its first week back in June – in its sights.

The trio’s new record, ‘Imploding The Mirage’, is outselling the entire rest of the top 20 as of the midweek chart update.

A huge achievement for the music veterans who are no stranger to the UK scene. Striving for that UK number one album, The Killers are showing insane momentum in the mid-week charts.

Will they grab the top spot by the end of the week?

Reported By: Jessica Rowe