Somebody Told Me Art: The Work Of David Hicks

If music and/or photography is your thing, I’d recommend checking out the work of David Hicks, whose visual documents from both Cuba and Beunos Aires capture musicians and dancers beautifully. “I like wandering around towns and streets, marvelling about how we, human beings, live,” says David himself.  If there is a common theme in Hicks’ work, it is one of human connection. He is clearly a thoughtful artist who cares as much about the subtext as he does about the image itself.

“In Cuba,” explains Hicks, “they live for their music. It’s everything to them, and they’re very good at it.” Cuba has a rich and vibrant musical history, both in terms of playing and dancing. and Hicks, seems like the perfect candidate to capture the colours and emotions which emerge when Cuban dance and music combine. “After the initial outlay of buying the instrument of choice,” says Hicks, “it’s very cheap to enjoy. There’s not much in the way of other distractions so practise is easy ! Salsa music and dancing is common, with Rumba too. I tried to avoid the obvious photographs of the average Cuban bands doing their thing.”

Take a look at his work, which you can see here, and you can’t help but agree. The strength of Hicks’ work lies in his ability to capture the uncommon, magic moments in a way that feels whollly original.

Follow David’s work down below:

Website: HiXPOSURE | Travel Photography