Dancehall artist Lexxicon sets his eyes on new EP ‘Bashment SZN’

Truly immersive and creating a captivating soundscape, Lexxicon is an artist that refuses to be limited to one style. Showcasing his Bashment, Dancehall, Tropical R&B and Grime influences, “Bashment SZN” is the definition of cool.

A musician with layers of personality buried within his soul, the intense energy within the first single from ‘Bashment SZN’ is out of this world. Titled ‘Pon Di Floor’ – this is the type of track that makes listeners be even more excited for when the clubs re-open. Can you imagine this dropping when you’re on the floor?!

Talking about the EP, Lexxicon mentions, “As a dancehall music lover, I always wanted to create a small project that really reflected those that I looked up to and this EP is that project. You won’t be able to listen without moving, grooving and wishing you could catch a bubble.”

“Pon Di Floor” is the perfect first track from the forthcoming EP, and gives insight to an incredible release ahead.


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