Glaswegian artist Leif Coffield unleashes new single ‘Say My Name’

Released February 5th, ‘Say My Name‘ may have only been out for a short amount of time, but it’s certainly turning heads within the electro-pop world. Best described as innovative and easily able to become the next big thing in the industry, Leif Coffield has already gained support from the likes of CLASH, national BBC Radio and many sites across the web.

Say My Name‘ features electronic instrumentations and cutting lyricism. Exploring themes like tackling the feeling of being pressured in a relationship and the yearning to be set free again, the track conveys a mantra of self discovery and assurance.

On creating music and influences, Leif explains: “I try in each of my songs for them to have one unique element, or one distinguishing factor that sounds out of the ordinary and that separates it from the norm. I take a lot of inspiration from artists that endeavour to break the mould and refrain from operating within the confines of the mainstream...

Artists like Flume, FINNEAS, Kanye West, Bon Iver push the boundaries of the creative process. I would describe my music as if hip hop impregnated acoustic and gave birth to a baby that was raised in an electronic family. I always try to evoke emotion in the song whether it be through the instrumentation or accompanying vocal melody and lyrics.”

Say My Name‘ is out now, and deserves your ears to taste on.


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