Wiley faces twitter suspension in the aftermath of antisemitic outburst

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Wiley has been permanently banned from Twitter after he launched an extensive thread of anti-Semitic messages on the social media site.

The London rapper faced widespread condemnation after posting the vitriolic messages across Instagram and Twitter last weekend.

Twitter announced on Saturday (July 25) that Wiley had been banned from the site for a week, but his account appears to have been permanently suspended as of this morning (July 29).

When searching for his profile, users are met with a message confirming his suspension and a link to Twitter’s rules and regulations.

It comes a day after Wiley was banned from Facebook after an account reportedly belonging to the rapper began calling out some of his Jewish critics.

An unverified Facebook account under his real name, Richard Kylea Cowie, subsequently mentioned a selection of Jewish celebrities — including Lord Sugar, comedian David Baddiel and BBC presenter Emma Barnett — who have all criticised the rapper.

It’s great to see a zero tolerance response coming from social platforms, hate speech is often all too rife on social media and more action is necessary to combat racist and antisemitic rhetoric. 

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

Tribute for the late Mac Miller in the works

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Mac Miller’s team are working on a tribute to the late rapper. The project asks fans to offer their “stories, thoughts and wishes”.

Mac Miller’s team are working on a new tribute project to celebrate the late rapper’s life and music.

The announcement, made overnight on Warner’s Twitter account, asked fans to offer their “stories, thoughts and wishes” by calling a toll-free number which had been set up specifically for the project. It included a website address, where fans must register to gain access to the number and leave their tributes.

Earlier this year, Warner released Miller’s posthumous album ‘Circles’, his sixth body of work. Miller had been working on the album before he died from an accidental drug overdose in September 2018, aged 26.

The passing of Mac Miller in 2018 affected many fans far and wide. I can only imagine the huge outpour of contributions towards this project for such a loved and talented figure in the industry. 

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

Steady Rollin’ are feeling alive and ready to show it

Steady Rollin’ make their mark with latest release ‘I Feel Alive’. The El Salvadorian trio have already made waves in the rock world, making their way into the music pages of America, Europe and beyond. 

‘I Feel Alive’ comes off their first full release, titled ‘Love & Loss’, a 10-track masterpiece set to be released on a limited-edition vinyl just in time for Christmas. ‘Love & Loss’ tells the real life love-related stories of Steady Rollin’s singer and guitarist Fernando Poma. A musical talent who has been obsessed with music for as long as he can remember and has always known it to be his calling.

‘I Feel Alive’ oozes pure authenticity, the inspiration behind the track is explained by Fernando Poma

 “I Feel Alive is a very innocent love song about two teenagers who meet each other randomly on a holiday and almost instantly fall in love and spend a whole night together dancing under the stars, going into a closed amusement park, before they each go their own way the following day”

Steady Rollin’ bring a unique talent to the table, with a classic rock sound that embraces playing their tracks in the live tradition of bands such as The Who and Cream. ‘I Feel Alive’ is the perfect track to tide you over until the release of their much anticipated project ‘Love &Loss’.

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