Multi-instrumentalist, Vcage highlights a subject which is still considered one of the great taboos.


Born in Mexico and now living in Los Angeles, VCage combines a raw emotional rock dynamic with a melodic heart to project his stories which he hopes will resonate with people worldwide. Constructed with his own skills as a multi-instrumentalist, a loop station and even samples of pizza boxes (!), VCage is an artist who transcends genre to bring music to the very centre of how we live our lives. Yes it is the message behind this amazing song that has to be focused upon as it is about a guy who is being abused by his female partner. For those of you who have no idea about life this may come a cross as a ballad of a super wimp, as how can someone of the male gender be physically abused by a female well it is actually a really big issue .

Now I wasn’t aware of this being, a humble music reviewer and one that tends to focus on a cool riff rather than showing guidance on social issues but did you know 2019 statistics show 2.2 million men worldwide suffered physically during an abusive relationship during the previous 12 months, a statistic largely overlooked by the media. Victim to psychological abuse and blackmail from his former partner, Slam Me bravely tackles these issues head on, giving a voice to the reported 1 in 4 men who are abused but never report the crime.

So what!  I hear you cry!!! All I want is to know about great music !!!! Well that is why I am telling you as this is not just an important message but a really accomplished musical talent . Therefore this has to grab your attention and If this has indeed grabbed your attention,  then reach out and touch the online links for this great musician , I have mapped them out below with the new single that shines a light on this issue entitled ‘ Listen to me Slam.’