James Day Confronts The Brexit Blunder With Single ‘Keep The Euro, Keep The Pound’

We’ve all had enough of the Brexit blunder and like most of us, Londoner James Day has got behind the nation’s exasperated cry for everyone to ‘just get on with it’! Teaming up with legendary music producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis), Day has released his single ‘Keep The Euro, Keep The Pound’.

Gritty vocals, grinding rock rhythms and an extremely catchy chorus, Day has gained attention following his live performances on Westminster Bridge and outside Parliament and has acquired the following of both leave and remain activists alike.

Recorded at Scream Studios in South London, Day’s prog-rock sound resonates the likes of The Clash and Paul Weller and this raw energy screams the exacerbation in Day’s message  “see the gathering crowd, why don’t we give ’em some sound? They all got choices, they all got voices, and they can make their country’s proud.” 

Rather like the situation the UK has found itself in, the track has found that by looking to successes in times-past, the route to the future becomes much clearer. What unites us is stronger than anything which divides us.

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From the heart of the Congo to the cobbles of Moscow, international artist Lartist Yan releases ‘Comme Une Reine’ visuals

Already received with a lot of excitement, songbird from the Congo Lartist Yan has released the visuals for his track ‘Comme Une Reine’. Lartist now resides in Russia and soon looks to release his forthcoming multilingual debut album ‘Second Chance’, that will feature his English hit ‘Dreams’. 

Rich, soulful vocals that resonate the piercing tones of Prince and The Weeknd, Lartist Yan fuses reggae rhythms and electro synths to create a signature alluring sound.

An artist that hopes to show others that it’s never too late to make your mark, rising from the Congo, through his success Lartist Yan embodies a living example of what can be achieved if you refuse to listen to those around you that try to convince you to give up your dreams.

Drawing from the influences of legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Lartist Yan continues to pursue his goal of an international career. Having already gained followers from around the world, he aims to keep creating music that resonates with listeners of all cultures – so everyone that listens can feel ‘at home’.

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