The fragile and folk-like sounds of Rie Fu’s forthcoming album ‘Places’ and her intense relationship between music and surroundings

Set to release her debut album Places in March 2019, Rie Fu illustrates a unique philosophy whereby she creates a relationship between her music and surroundings. Radiating the fragile beauty and quintessential delicacy that Kate Bush and Laura Nyro encapsulate, Rie corresponds her music with her transition of location from Tokyo, Japan to the picturesque English countryside in Surrey.

Rie takes the abiding link between music and culture, whereby she enforces that culture differences go far deeper than language. Completing a masters degree in specialised translation at UCL, Rie emphasised in her thesis that when the Japanese attempt to replicate UK and other Western styles, the outcome is always with fault as the surroundings of the respective countries do not match.

This reflection of culture and surroundings through music is exemplified perfectly in Rie’s transition of music style, from the densely textured electronica she played whilst living in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, to the more folk, pastoral current material that she has produced in the English countryside. The forthcoming album Places is built from a spine of Rie’s lead vocals, acoustic guitar and delicate piano, with classical, jazzy undertones contributed by subtle electric guitar touches and Jo Quail’s cello. Taken from the album, Ripples gives us a taster of what is yet to come in her March debut album release.









Joshua Howlett’s Debut Is An Indie Delight

Born in Manchester, brought up in Switzerland: Joshua Howlett’s debut album (set for release in early 2019 is a perfect blend of both cultures. Taking the guitar music that Mancs have always excelled at and his tranquil and breath-taking surrounding as his muse, Joshua Howlett’s debut album ‘Autumnal’ is a melodic mix of fold and indie, in the great dreamlike tradition of artists such as Ben Howard and Bon Iver.


The themes of the album are manifold but all tinged with soulful insight: there is plenty here about experiences that are common to us all: hopes, dreams, love and axiety. The natural world features heavily too, almost as a character in the folk-epic itself. This is wild music, elemental and fresh.