Introducing: Mark Shepherd

Mark Shepherd has been a regular on the live circuit for years, playing to audiences in the UK to New York, Texas and San Francisco. Given his ability to move audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems the time is ripe for him to replicate his live success on a general release.

‘The Grand Scheme of Things’ EP is his follow-up from his debut ‘Bad Man’, which made more than a few waves in the folk/country scene, being played on the BBC and community stations across the pond. The new release displays the same flair for storytelling that his fans have come to expect, and will no doubt charm audiences who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing the British ‘Tom Petty’.

Unique to ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’ is it’s offer of two distinct aural paths to listeners, with the EP containing both acoustic and electronic versions of each tracks, the perfect choice for an artist whose music is all about mood and emotion. Paired with Shepherd’s whisky soaked vocals, the album displays that quintessential country ability to deliver bittersweet truths in a medium that resonates across demographic boundaries.