Junkerry works alongside the Google Tilt team to form music video for 'As We Are'

The well known Goa artist Junkerry has collaborated with Patrick Morgan and the Google Tilt team to create a stunning music video, that brings the contemporary pop track ‘As We Are’ to life. The soon to be 360º video is also in discussion to be created into the world’s first artistic Virtual Reality music video.
Morgan used the Google Tilt virtual paint brush  to form his beautiful creation. The spell bounding video, Junkerry’s stunning vocals and the alternative sound makes a highly addictive music video, which will only get better as it develops into  360º  and VR.
Watch the 2D version of the video here: 


'Angel Touching Down' by Bayonesse

Artist Christy Lee Rogers has teamed up with fellow artist and musician, Ryan Murphy, to form the ambient rock duo, Bayonesse.
Their latest single, ‘Angel Touching Down’ is an atmospheric piece of alt-rock full of brooding vocals and emotive guitar leads that make for a potent musical combination.
Rogers is known internationally  as the contemporary version of Baroque artists like Caravaggio, whereas  Murphy, the owner and designer of rocker jewellery line Silver Luthier, is also the front man for rock band Forty Point. He originally came into the band as producer to help structure Rogers’ vision, but eventually stayed on to solidify the duo.
The single will also be accompanied by a beautifully crafted underwater music video, exhibiting the artistic background and qualities of Rogers. Starring actress Elisabeth Donaldson and Bayonesse themselves, and edited by award winning filmmaker Ray Izad-Mehr, the video gives life to the darkness and turmoil underlying their heartfelt lyrics. Completely unaltered and un-coloured, the footage is raw out of the camera, with a unique and stylized editing technique.
The video goes live on 25th November.
Find out more here:


Nancy Black returns with sassy EP 'Dirty Little Bass'

Singer-songwriter Nancy Black returns with sassy EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’ written in a strange moment of euphoria. The English pop princess recently went through a messy breakup but instead of breaking down, Black used music as a form of therapy, producing the brilliant ‘Dirty Little Bass’. Black hasn’t always been this confident as she originally didn’t have the faith that she could go solo. After being in an all-girl rock band in her teens, she developed her sound and finally went solo.
The independent singer-songwriter has become known for her formidable sass and style leading to her collaborating with hip hop artists Lonzo Starr and Young Rob. She has also gained support from Major Lazor after reaching number 8 on the Music Week Commercial Chart.
The EP is bursting with pop anthems but with emotive lyrics and dirty dance beats controlling the tracks, ‘Dirty Little Bass’ is infectious and addictive.
Watch the music video to ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:

'Black Hole Friday' by Homesick Mick

Singer-songwriter, Homesick Mick, is bringing out his debut EP, Black Hole Friday, on the same day as Black Friday in order to combat the commercialisation around the event and also to protest against billionaire tycoon, Sir Philip Green, who has extorted BHS employees of their pensions.
Alongside this, Homesick Mick has begun a social media campaign called ‘Philip Free Friday’ to raise awareness of Sir Philip’s dishonourable behaviour and urge him to pay back the pensions. The campaign is aiming to prevent people shopping at the ‘Arcadia’ stores belonging to Sir Philip Green, such as Topshop and Miss Selfridge in the hope that they will realise they are fueling the greed of a corrupt billionaire.
The Black Hole Friday EP features four songs: ‘La Troc’, ‘French Blooze’, ‘Beautiful Thing’ and ‘Prisoner to the Past’ which will offer a taste of things to come in Homesick Mick’s musical journey. In January 2017, the EP will then be followed up by The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, a full length album mastered at Abbey Road studios.
Find out more on Homesick Mick and his campaign here:

M'GOO release single influenced by unique true story

Blending genres to explore a range of moods, jazz trained group M’GOO release concept track ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘. The track follows the story of a couple that are due to be wed but after visiting a fortune teller and being surprised by the outcome, their relationship is destroyed.
Like all of M’GOO’s music, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ is influenced by a true story. The narrative was created by Glen Washington from Snap Judgement and composer and vocalist Mike Meiguh used this story to begin his writing process.
M’GOO’s writing process is entirely unique, creating their alternative tunes. Meiguh uses the inspirational story, poem or philosophical material to help him score the music, leaving him with just a basic structure. Then the rest of the band collaborate to re-form the song from a fresh perspective, bringing in elements of jazz, pop and rock. This forms a sound like no other, giving the music that extra edge.
Listen to ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ here:

Chey – Dirty Love

Having dreamed of a successful career in the music business all her life, Chey appeared on a number of national television shows, including ‘Saturday Superstore’ as well as Owen Money’s ‘Just up your Street’. Chey also appeared on ‘Moon and Stars’ with Rupert Moon ex Welsh Rugby star (pictured).


It is only recently however that her career has begun to take flight after being spotted by top producer David Ezra, who has worked with X Factor finalists ‘Reggie and Bollie’ who have had over 4 million hits on YouTube, David says “when I came across Chey’s demo I loved her voice and just had to invite her to my studio in London, I brought in Shakil Hussain, a songwriter also from London to join us and within one day we had written and recorded Dirty Love.”


Dirty Love takes a unique view upon a love affair where the woman is in total control of what happens next. Speaking on the track Chey says “I wanted this song to emphasise the power of a woman, and how she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.” Having had previous support from Chris Needs MBE (BBC Wales), Chey hopes her new single will captivate audiences.



Dirty Love is set for official release on January 20th 2017, and available for pre-order December 23 on ITunes, Spotify and Tidal.





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Twitter: @officialchey1

Instagram: officialcheymusic

'Pirate' – Jvgg Spvrrow

Introducing you to the real life ‘PirateJvgg  Spvrrow, ‘Pirate’ by name and nature. Growing up in St Martin where they speak English and the other half French, the bi-lingual artist writes all of his own lyrics and adding to his Pirate image he also does all of his tattoos.
Jvgg Spvrrow has learnt and built his way up from the streets of St Martin, from life on the block to living life in the studio, music is his religion. This is where his term SM on Da Map comes from, meaning St Martin To The World. Having lived an interesting life he has lots of stories to tell, he is a very eclectic artist recording many different styles, from Hip-Hop to Reggae and Electro.
Jvgg Spvrrow prides himself on his highly diversified tracks allowing to reach various audiences.
Jvgg Spvrrow has a strong look, good fashion sense and originality around his Pirate concept. Inspired by Hip Hop artists such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky and french hip hop artists like Booba, Joey Starr and Dancehall artists like Bounty Killer, Movado and Vybz Kartel.jvggpic4
Pirate is Jvgg Spvrrow’s latest release, with a dope hip hop vibe, it is gritty and raw and exactly what you want from a hip hop track, Jvgg Spvrrow is ready to take St Martin to the world.