Glitch Code- Glimmer

Glitch Code is the innovative musical vehicle of songwriter and producer, Paul Kirkpatrick, and vocalist Rachel Harvey. Together they deliver a hypnotic blend of electro, rock and alternative pop.

 ‘Glimmer’ is the latest single from the duo’s highly-praised debut album Gifted_Damaged, released earlier this year. It comes with a brand new dramatic and psychedelic music video.


Watch video for ‘Glimmer’ here:


The group’s experimental style has seen them using unusual instruments such as theremin and fretless bass, whilst incorporating the latest soft synths and plug-ins available. Elements of David Bowie, Kate Bush and The Eurhythmics can be found in their sound.

Singer Rachel Harvey is a former television and film actress and was previously in a band called Axis before meeting with Paul Kirkpatrick to form Glitch Code.

All artwork for Gifted_Damaged was designed by Laurence Stevens, who has previously worked with the likes of Muse and The Eurhythmics. The CD packaging takes the unique form of a book, consisting of 24 pages, lyrics and an embossed cover (pictured below). It is an example of the group’s limitless creativity.

Carina Round REVIEW

I absolutely love Carina Round’s Album ‘Deranged to Divine’, although they’re all fantastic my favourite is the lead track ‘You Will Be Loved’. This track harnesses a really interesting blend of electronic 808 percussion and acoustic piano, meandering atmospheric pads and the wandering chords feel restless like the desire to feel appreciated and have a sense of belonging. Starting with a sparse texture I love the progression throughout that leads to a very uplifting live instrumental section

‘You Will Be Loved’ taken from her new album ‘Deranged to Divine’ has a sombre opening with a synth like trumpet fade in joined by a lovely harmonic relationship between her vocals and the warm piano. Whilst predominantly feeling on the darker end of the spectrum there are brief moments of happy tonality and uplifting vocal lines reminiscent of the brief moments of elation one might feel. To aid this, towards end of the song acoustic percussion, choral ensemble, live brass section and subtle synthesis create a lush soft wall of sounds you just want to throw yourself into.


‘Message To Apollo’ is a wonderfully quirky rather hypnotising track from Carina Round’s brand new album ‘Deranged to Divine’. Something that fascinates me about this track is the huge, in my opinion, amount of influences I can hear in it. With harmonic progressions reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’, Luscious vocals, American like guitar slides, James Blake style instrumental motifs and her own unique style it makes for an excellent listening experience. ‘Message To Apollo’ is going to be in my classics playlist as soon as I buy it!

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THE WEDDING PRESENT share multi-media new single ‘Rachel’ from new album, ‘Going Going…’ out Sept 2nd


Stream new single ‘Rachel’ HERE and its accompanying film HERE  

Watch the ‘Bear’ studio video HERE


Available in three audio-visual formats: standard CD + DVD, deluxe CD + DVD in hard-bound ‘book pack’ with extra tracks + lyrics, deluxe double 180g LP + DVD with extra tracks + lyrics


After the announcement of ‘Going Going…’, indie darlings The Wedding Present have shared ‘Rachel’; of which David Gedge says “Every now and then The Wedding Present comes up with an out and out pop song!  I think this might be favourite track on the album.”


The band [drums, bass & guitars] was recorded at Studios La Fabrique [Saint-Rémy-De-Provence, France] by Andrew Scheps. The singing was recorded at Crackle & Pop Studios [Seattle, Washington] by Paul Hiraga and Allan’s Cove Studios [Brighton, England] by Samuel Beer-Pearce. The track was mixed by Andrew Scheps.


Always challenging and experimental, the idea to release the new project in a multi-media format is something that has been marinating with bandleader David Gedge for some time. As he points out, work began soon after the unveiling of The Wedding Present’s 2012 critically acclaimed album ‘Valentina’. “I’d already decided by then that I didn’t want to make the next release just ‘another album’ and so I came up with the idea of twenty ‘interconnected’ pieces of music. Then, in the summer of 2014 I travelled across the USA with photographer Jessica McMillan and we made some atmospheric short films to accompany the tracks. Since then it’s been a case of progressing through the music, trying all sorts of ideas, seeing how they work set against the visuals.”


Uncharacteristically, the album opens with four hauntingly beautiful instrumental songs, including the cinematic ‘Sprague’ and the absolutely captivating ‘Marblehead’. ‘Going, Going…’ then takes a headlong dash through tracks such as ‘Two Bridges’, ‘Birdsnest’, ‘Kill Devil Hills’ and ‘Broken Bow’… all perfectly executed in classic Wedding Present fashion; a jangle of clanging guitars, a squeal of feedback and a rush of adrenaline.


Few come as close to articulating the trials and pitfalls of a relationship in ways so instantly recognisable to the listener as David Gedge; his lyrics’ naturalism and truthfulness accentuated by his earthy accent. With ‘Little Silver’, ‘Bear’, ‘Lead’ and ‘Rachel’ he proves yet again that he is a virtuoso when it comes to the bittersweet love song; his knack for a simple turn of phrase perfectly articulating the banalities and ecstasies of a relationship.


Whilst they are the undoubted masters of frenetic indie-pop, The Wedding Present re-route momentarily on ‘Emporia’ and ‘Wales’ before ultimately immersing us in an epic album finale with ‘Santa Monica’. Throughout this enchanting album ambient soundscapes and orchestral pop arrangements jostle for position with layers of feedback drenched guitars, pummelling drums and a truly massive bass sound as we hear some of the heaviest material that the band have ever recorded.


The films that accompany each track are a mesmerising collection of moving photographs. The rippling water in ‘Marblehead’ delicately draws us into the melody while ‘Two Bridges’ takes us onto a Manhattan street corner and exudes New York City in the summertime. The feeling of a road trip is present throughout as we see the rivers and lakes of the Mid-West and the deserts of the South-West before the album ends in a beautifully fitting way with the sun setting over the Santa Monica mountains.


The Wedding Present’s impact on independent music is infinitely present. Their uncomplicated approach to the disillusionment of love is salient in the sound of many of the subsequent bands of their ilk since the band’s inception and an influence on everyone from British Sea Power to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart among countless others.


Tracklisting: 1. Kittery / 2. Greenland / 3. Marblehead / 4. Sprague / 5. Two Bridges / 6. Little Silver / 7. Bear / 8. Secretary / 9. Birdsnest / 10. Kill Devil Hills / 11. Bells / 12. Fifty-Six / 13. Fordland / 14. Emporia / 15. Broken Bow / 16. Lead / 17. Ten Sleep / 18. Wales / 19. Rachel / 20. Santa Monica


Pre-order ‘Going, Going’ –


Tour dates:




The Wedding Present play their forthcoming album in its entirety in front of films.


07/09 : Cardiff – TramShed

09/09 : Gateshead – Sage

10/09 : Glasgow – School Of Art

11/09 : Salford – Lowry

12/09 : Stowmarket – John Peel Centre




20/11 : Colchester, UK – Arts Centre

21/11 : Chatham, UK – Britannia Theatre

22/11 : Portsmouth, UK – Wedgwood Rooms

23/11 : Exeter, UK – Cavern Club

24/11 : Bristol, UK – Fleece

26/11 : Belfast, UK – Limelight

30/11 : Aberdeen, UK – Tunnels

01/12 : Edinburgh, UK – La Belle Angele

02/12 : Sunderland, UK – The Point

03/12 : Kendal, UK – Brewery Arts Centre

04/12 : Holmfirth, UK – Picturedrome

06/12 : Liverpool, UK – Arts Club

07/12 : Derby, UK – The Venue

08/12 : Oxford, UK – O2 Academy

09/12 : Lowestoft, UK – Aquarium

10/12 : London, UK – O2 Academy Islington


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The Wedding Present website

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Alternative Swedish metal band We Are The Catalyst REVIEW

We Are The Catalyst are an alternative metal band from Sweden who are crashing back into the music scene following hot on the heels of their debut album Momentums, with their new 11 track album ‘Elevation’ due out on 2nd September.

SMALL WATC_1_2016_logo_big.jpg

The band consists of 4 members and is spearheaded by impressive vocalist Cat Fey, who is heavily supported by harsh rocky guitar riffs. The albums overall sound is an immensely powerful one with a magnatisingly strong aura which is unlike anything else that is out at the moment.

The band has passionately poured their personal struggles into the songs with themes from depression to personal growth. The band wanted to create and album that reflected their name which would encourage people to come out of darker times and find themselves the light and move into better points in their life.

‘Open the Door’ is a strong and powerful track and is the perfect opening single. It was the beginning of their promotion of the album and is a highly emotive track which perfectly channels the bands passion for music. The accompanying video is also highly emotive and is set in a desolate woodland area.

The band are set to release another single from the album called ‘Home’ and have just come to the end of a 10 day tour of China.

The track listing for “Elevation” is:

  1. Delusion
  2. A Million Claws
  3. Our Dark World
  4. Open Door
  5. Without Fear
  6. One More Day
  7. Alive
  8. Askja
  9. Home
  10. Never Ending Night
  11. Life Equals Pain


Video teaser for new track Wildfire from Jo Cooper

Having performed on Australia’s number 1 breakfast show ‘The Morning Show’ as well as performing for Rugby League team The South Sydney Rabbitohs during half-time, Sydney singer/songwriter is superseding her previous brilliant single ‘Touch the Sky’ with ‘Wildfire’ and Cavo’s remix of ‘Wildfire’.

Giving the likes of Jess Glynne and Katie Perry a run for their money Jo Cooper’s high energy and uplifting ‘Wildfire’ sports glorious house pads and a deep harmonious piano underpinning the chords.

You cannot help but fall in love with Jo, one of those personalities that makes you smile when she’s around. Jo’s voice is beautiful and full of energy and her talent is only that of a star in the making’Carmelo Pizzino (Dancing With The Stars)

To get a taste for the new track listen here:

Taking the advice given to her personally by Ed Sheeran whilst she was volunteering at an Australian Radio station, Jo has taken a bit longer to release her debut album making sure it felt right to her and we are glad she did! Featuring an incredible house remix produced by Cavo sees the single being pushed to a more dance festival orientated vibe bringing out the already hugely uplifting nature of the track.

This single follows the success of her 2013 song ‘Stupid Boy’, a track which gained international attention with its Ministry of Sound house remix. Produced by London electronic duo Hoxton Whores, the remix climbed into the top 100 reaching 20 on UK’s Music Week Club Charts.

In 2014 Jo released her highly anticipated debut EP, Running Free, along with her empowering single ‘Don’t Turn Back’, skilfully tackling the heavy topic of domestic abuse.







Genre meddling indie act Liam Browne & The Love

Having found themselves a cult following in Manchester, unsigned genre-meddling indie act Liam Browne & The Love seem destined to take on the rest of the country with their eclectic and nutty Northern-rooted sound.

 Straight off their upcoming album Forget & Remember, their brand new single ‘Baby Grow’ is an upbeat and bouncy indie rock anthem that provides a small taster of the band’s large sonic scope. A music video is set to drop soon.

Stream ‘Baby Grow’ on Soundcloud here:

The group have an unusual origin story – frontman Liam was in the Amazon and a Shaman convinced him to sing for the first time initiating his aspirations as a vocalist and a songwriter. He met fellow member James at a Shamanic workshop the following year and from that point on they started making music together.

On top of his work as a musician, Liam Browne has starred in a number of cult movies including acclaimed raunchy Brit flick brilliantlove. He is close to Stereophonics lead singer Kelly Jones after taking the lead role in his music videos for ‘Violins and Tambourines’ and ‘In the Moment’.

The single ‘Baby Grow’ is out 2nd September




Ian Martyn’s new personally inspired track

For lovers of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac  Ian Martyn’s expressive and greatly inspiring new single ‘I Can Feel Your Power’ epitomises the  support and comfort that art can bring to people especially at their darkest times in life. In Ian’s case it’s living with the earth shattering experience of losing both his wife and mother in the space of just 5 months.

Although Ian doesn’t gig or tour he has some very notable people who have performed on his music. Richie Buckley (from Van Morrison) played the  saxophone on the track ‘Déjà vu’ who Peter Eades (Clannad) also performed drums on. Larry Hogan, Ian’s co-producer, on ‘I Can Feel Your Power’ and ‘Déjà vu’ has worked with Clannad, Thin Lizzy, Bob Geldof, Ronan Keating, to name but a few.

They have all said they are delighted and honoured to have a share in Ian’s journey and adding an extra dimension to Ian’s enlightening music.

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New EP ‘Gold’ due out now via Fresh Milk

“Intimate electronics with a soulful edge.” – CLASH

“Despite its sparse textures, “Gold” is rich with emotion and stays jaw-droppingly impressive from the first beat until the last. Bass builds to mighty cinematic highs, dynamic shifts inject tension, and a spindly synth motif is summoned for great melodic effect – SQRD’s latest offering is a momentous piece of synthpop.” – The Line Of Best Fit


Developed from a background in jazz and classical music, Swedish-born, Berlin-based artist Carl Robin Kirchmann (AKA SQRD) has soaked up the soul of these two cultural Meccas to develop his unique blend of low key, dreamy electronica. With a master’s degree in mathematical engineering under his belt, Kirchmann’s process for creating music is seemingly drawn from his ability to solve equations, experimenting not only with developing his personal tastes and musical disciplines, but also with various vocal and instrumental textures, effects and rhythms; the result of which is his new EP ‘Gold’.

‘Gold’ sits somewhere between the engulfing and benign sounds of The xx and Four Tet, whilst vocally Kirchmann calls to mind the opaque melodies of James Blake and Active Child. It’s a captivating blend of sonic components, which is more supportive and protective than it is forlorn, however there are still wistful and reminiscent undertones throughout. It is the influence of this beguiling honesty and courage that can be heard across tracks such as title-track ‘Gold’ and ‘Would Run Wild’ where soft and sombre electronics meet melancholic yet resolute vocals, which are accompanied by hypnotic oscillating rhythms. Elsewhere on the EP, tracks such as ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ shows clear yet befitting influence from the likes of Caribou and Moderat, with a higher tempo and timbre than that of the rest of the EP, alongside more complex and densely structured samples and percussion. This contrast across the first and last two tracks of the EP perfectly exemplify the themes running throughout the EP and show a clear journey across not only SQRD’s musical journey but also his personal one.

Thematically, the EP is about the end of Kirchmann’s seven year relationship and the process of finding your own path. Speaking about the ‘Gold’ EP SQRD said, “Writing music was an attempt to handle and process what happened and in the same way to find my own path. I sit for hours and hours, I forget about everything else, and just focus all of my energy on the music. Now when I think about it, this might also explain why I want to do everything on my own – the writing, singing and producing – it makes me feel independent and I can do whatever I want from the initial idea to finished track.

SQRD is constantly exploring how he can push the boundaries of writing electronic music, and his experimentation with different tones and moods both sonically and subjectively is what sets him apart from the rest. It’s rare that an artist is able to define their sound so equivocally yet so proficiently, and this short yet consummated EP is just an introduction of what he is capable of.

Bull Funk Zoo Releases Explosive and Unruly Second Album ‘Dangerous Radio’

Following the release of his fiery and ballsy singles ‘Would You’ and ‘Burnin’, Bull Funk Zoo is on a parade and ready to take the rock industry by storm. Raw and uncompromising, ‘Dangerous Radio’ is BFZ’s blindfolded rollercoaster ride of rock, funk, blues, sex and the news, all the while tipping his hat to masters like Jimi Hendrix, Chilli Peppers, Range Against The Machine, Clutch, Frank Zappa and the Sex Pistols.

While previous collaborations featured Eslam Jawad -M.C (former Gorillaz and Wu Tan Clan) and Hamdan Al-Abri,  ‘Dangerous Radio’ sees Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo performing and producing the whole album himself. Assaad describes ‘Dangerous Radio’ as a big bad bull rocking out, fornicating & wildly stompin’ the blues to rubble. Hendrix havin’ a drink with Tom Waits & RATM decided to tear it up.

Listen to The New Album Here:

Watch The New Promo Here:

Bull Funk Zoo’s debut album was recorded in 2013 and got the highest ratings for an unsigned band’s record by Rolling Stone. In the Middle East, he has made a name for himself, playing in front of up to 30,000 people at concerts, supporting the likes of Sting, Sade, Timbaland and others. Bull Funk Zoo is continuously working on new material, videos and other creative endeavours. He says: “Creativity is my drug of choice, it has got me in a vice.”

Assaad was born in Dubai after his parents had to escape the devastating war in Lebanon in the 70s. As a young boy, music always played a big role at home, which had Assaad growing up to the sounds of James Brown and various Motown artists. When he first saw Kiss performing on TV, the energy of rock’n’roll both intrigued and scared him. Enchanted by the magic of it all, he soon discovered bands like Soundgarden, Megadeth, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck, broadening his musical horizons and leading him to constantly crave new experiences.

At the age of 17, he moved to the US for a few years to attend university, and dig further into unknown musical realms. During this time, he also discovered punk rock and jazz, which soon lead him to realise that the mentality of these genres fitted in perfectly with his own worldview.  Both in music and life, Assaad is a free spirit who is willing to cross boundaries in order to expand his mind. He surrounded himself with like-minded people such as the spoken word artist Eric Bailey and Glen Burris, a well-known horn player who played and recorded with Miles Davis on “Man With The Horn”.

“Bull Funk is the ideal description of the music; it’s got attitude, heart, grace, and it’s in-your-face. The Zoo is the Bull Funk collective, hence Bull Funk Zoo.”

Dangerous Radio is out September 12th












Gig Dates:

Oct 26th, album launch Halloween weekend at Stereo Arcade

Nov Date TBC, Beats On The Beach festival.

December 16th, Dubai Marina Festival, we are headlining on main stage

Dec 23rd at Dubai Airport Live music.

Dec Date TBC, D3 festival

Wildfire track review

Jo Cooper is back on the music scene following hot on the heels of her brilliantly received ‘Touch the Sky’. Her new track ‘Wildfire’ is a fun combination of electro-pop beats and interesting piano chords. I have to admit I had high expectations before I came to listening to this track as her 2013 song ‘Stupid Boy’ had an infectiously catchy Ministry of Sound Remix, and my expectations were happily met when I got round to listening to this.

From the song you can hear how passionate about creating good music Jo is. She is perfect for the current music market, because of her fun poppy vibe but also her obvious individuality. Climaxing with a strong and energetic chorus that will certainly make you want to get up and dance along, this song is perfect for summer parties and good times with friends.

I hope this is not all we will hear from Jo in the next few months and I look forward to adding this track to my current playlists. Find out more about Jo from her links below:

More from Jo here: