Spotlight: Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas is a dynamic performer with a very illustrious back catalog. Having fronted the cult indie pop band The Foxes, Nigel is now crafting his own solo music which just as good, if not better.

check out the video for ‘Fever’ now: 

Artist Spotlight: Thula Borah

Scottish 4piece Thula Borah are combining rock with anthemic soundscapes to create something really interesting and unique. Their latest single ‘Bone Ships’ takes influence from the likes of War Waves, Sigur Ros and State Champs. Really accessible and catchy its impossible not to fall into the soft grooves of Thula Borah.

Listen to ‘Bone Ships’ now: 

check them out here:

Bentley Jones – The Rebellion

We’re super excited that Bentley Jones has finally got some music out there. His awesome new single ‘The Rebellion’ is definitely a much more mature and cohesive release than Bentley’s previous work and we’re honestly loving!

Watch the video here: 

Scottish four piece – Proud Honey!

Already nominated for best British band 2015 by Pure M magazine, the band have also been compared to the varied and brilliant likes of The Stone Roses, The Verve, Primal Scream, Oasis, the Charlatans and many more classic British bands.

And October sees their latest release, the single ‘Weekend Millionaire’. Influenced by a credit card fuelled stag do on which the band members went out on the town and spent ‘ridiculous amounts of money we didn’t have’, the song tells the tale of the high life which comes back to earth with a bang once reality kicks back in. Energetic and full of fun, it’s a track which deserves to launch Proud Honey to a new level in the industry.


Watch the video here:


Young Starlet Naomi With New Single – Rivers Run

Think the edgy melancholy of Lorde, the irresistible melodies of Taylor Swift, the power and magnetism of Adele. Naomi is all these things and more. Naomi is now stepping it up with the recording of her new album, with the first single, the incredible Rivers Run a calling card for what is going to be the record that pushes this young talent firmly into the mainstream. It’s only a matter of time.


“I love singing, playing guitar, piano, ukulele, but my favourite thing to do is to write songs.”

She said: “When I was really young, I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne, like properly obsessed. In later years it was artists who you could tell write their own music and put a lot of themselves into it that really resonated with me, people like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, as well Adele and Coldplay. I really love how Lorde can be so innovative whilst staying so accessible. That’s something I always try to put into my own music.”

Take a look at her sound here:

 ‘Rivers Run’ is out on 25th September 2015


‘The World Didn’t Start With U’ from LP of the same name

Born in the USA, Jupiter In Velvet is a new incarnation for an artist who has travelled the world before settling in London – a suitable location for his gritty, urban take on rock music.

His choice of life experience over book learning has paid off – now, Jupiter In Velvet’s music is played in over 65 countries on 6 continents.

It’s all thanks to a killer combination of musical talent and a good work ethic. Always active on social media, Jupiter In Velvet has already started to win over a following in a very short space of time. And with the album on the way soon, this following is only set to grow.

JIV Live 11


A Bradford based group with a love for British rock and roll

Warme are not only next in a long line of Brit bands, but also like to party like them too. Their energetic, fun-loving approach spawns music that follows in the footsteps of The Verve, Oasis, The Who, The Jam and countless others all the way back to the Beatles. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds, but all following one thread – great British talent through the ages.

This cocktail of guitars, drums and vocals has already seen the five-piece picking up fans both locally, nationally and internationally, with BBC Introducing among their admirers. And now, with a new album (and lead single) titled ‘Council House Opera’ on the way, the second half of 2015 is set to see yet another big step forward for the band.

For a taste of what to expect, check out the track below:

Warme colour pic on steps