UK urban duo Aks & Shabz are ‘In Love with the Struggle’ with brand new single


IMG_2549Edgy hip-hop track due for impact on October 16th


A London based duo who have been influenced to the likes of Krept & Konan, Skepta, JME, Sneakbo, Prof Green, Drake and more, Aks & Shabz are a fresh urban rap act with added grit.


Already making a name for themselves locally having played live in support of DJ Kaye and Mo Khan, the pair have also won independent props from the BBC Asian Network and Rudimental drummer Beany Bhebe.


This support is all thanks to their edgy, reality based music and lyrics, and new single ‘In Love with the Struggle’ is no exception. Autobiographical in nature, it is the product of two songwriters and vocalists who are used to having to struggle to survive. Both British Bangladeshis, the pair have had to deal with the hardships of poverty, racism and gang violence during difficult upbringings. But, instead of falling victim to these things, the pair used them as inspiration.


You can hear the resulting single here:


Aks & Shabz have come a long way since their shared love for music first saw them lay down self-produced bedroom recordings several years ago. Their growing confidence and fanbase has seen their tracks not only getting support in London and the UK but further afield too. Having played festivals in Amsterdam and Dubai, the pair have a taste for performing internationally, and are driven by a need for widening their net even further.


And, with heroes such as the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Jay Z, it’s little wonder this promising duo are aiming high.


‘In Love With The Struggle’ is released on October 16th.



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‘A guitar-licked cloud of dreamy atmospherics’ Mixmag

‘A Stunning shoegaze-meets-electropop vibe’ The 405

‘Gorgeous and chilling be-wave inspired pop’ The Wild

‘Think This Way’ Video –

’Think This Way’ is the brilliant new track from Stillhound, consisting of school friends Fergus Cook, Laurie Corlett-Donald, Dave Lloyd and latest addition Cat Myers. The band have been locked away in various studios and mountain lodges around their native Scotland, developing their sound and taking inspiration from art, geography and the far flung soundscapes created by Boards of Canada to the pop aesthetic of Tears for Fears.


Their first offering ‘Seethe Unseen’ emerged for the dark side of Stillhound, blending atmospheric pop with glistening and emotive electronica, drawing influences from multiple faucets of music and blending it into an original form. Follow up ’Think This Way’ encompasses digital textures and sounds, accompanied by a driving beat with the vocals creating a beautifully bleak outlook that draws from the song’s landscape. The video was directed and edited by Gareth Goodlad of On Red and features guest camera work, costume design and production by Daniel Cook.

Stillhound’s live show is still in development stage but with a handful of tracks waiting to be unleashed, they look ready to pick up the electronic-pop mantle and make 2015 their own.