Kilindu single ‘O Que o Futuro Nos Traz’ (What the Future Brings) single out now

 Multicultural 6 piece open 2014 with brand new single and video


Fusing together an extensive list of styles and influences, Kilindu are a 6 piece band of varying backgrounds who each bring their own flavour to their music. From Lisbon, the band was formed by guitar player Pedro Duarte and singer João Pedreira.

Whether it’s Portuguese ‘Fado’ music, Cape Verde’s traditional ‘Morna’, Brazilian ‘Samba’ or Cuba’s ‘Habanera’, it is a blend of Latin jazz and Indie World Music traditions that serves their debut single well. Tying it all together is the fact that all these styles are derived from a common root – a genre of music called ‘Lundum’ which started in 15th Century Portugal.

Watch the video to ‘O Que o Futuro Nos Traz’ here:

Conceived as a musical bridge across continents – Europe-Portugal, America-Brazil and Africa-Angola – the band is a collective of musicians who have been playing from a young age. Now they’ve come together to create their own music, resulting in a very active online fan base who work hard to spread the music of the band.

It’s this support that has allowed them to play gigs such as Optimus Alive 2013, where they supported the big name likes of Kings of Leon.




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Akua Kamau EP ‘My Island Darling’ out now on Fern Gully Records

Instrumental EP pays tribute to the traditions of Akua Kamau’s Jamaican and African heritage


Clocking in at  7 songs of high quality, the new EP from Akau Kamau is a release that is formed around the themes of Jamaican and African traditions and, in the artist’s words, ‘Ancestral Reverence’.

Formed on the belief that generally our ancestors exist around us in the spiritual realm, these songs are designed as a tribute to the sacrifices that they made, in order for us all to have the opportunities that we now enjoy.

Operating on several levels, the   seven songs on the EP are each written with a message in mind, allowing each listener to develop their own appreciation and interpretation for each song even more so if the sleeve notes have been read and understood. It makes for a different experience for each listener, especially if they are aware of the undercurrent for each song.

It’s an innovative approach, and impressive from an artist who wrote, recorded and produced the tracks all under his own steam. With a search now running to expand the band and take the project forward, this is a promising time for Akua Kamau.


Watch the video for ‘Cries Of The Ancestors’ here:





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Teenstar winner & X-Factor finalist Luke Friend getting ready for The X Factor tour

Luke FriendSinging contest TeenStar winner Luke Friend had a great 2013, topping his Teenstar victory by making The X Factor Final! The TeenStar winner battled his way through eight live shows and the Semi-Finals, competing against eventual winner Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald in The X Factor Final!


Luke Friend is now set to embark on a UK wide tour with The X Factor, which starts on February 15th in Dublin with 30 dates at prestigious venues from Wembley Arena to The O2 in London.


Reaching The X Factor Final wasn’t the first time West Country boy Luke Friend has had music competition success, after being crowned winner of TeenStar, the nationwide competition for teens and pre-teens, in July 2013.


The TeenStar singing competition’s Grand Final took place within The O2 in London and gave acts, including singing contest winner Luke Friend, the chance to play in front of a sold-out crowd and music industry judging panel.


Head of Future Music  Chris Grayston remembers Luke from the TeenStar singing competition, saying “It’s great to watch Luke’s development over the years and now he’s found his own image, sound and confidence there’s nothing stopping him!”


Singing contest TeenStar winner Luke Friend now on The X Factor tour!


To follow in singing contest TeenStar winner Luke Friend’s footsteps, get your audition for TeenStar booked here now! For more information on the X Factor tour click here.


Check out singing contest TeenStar winner Luke Friend’s winning TeenStar performance here:


The Wonder Villains


Formed at a high school in Derry, N.Ireland, they are one of the most exciting new bands in the UK, with their highly anticipated debut album entitled ‘Rocky’ coming out in June. This fun foursome bring a sprightly mix of Pop, Guitars and Electro music to the table.

The band – brother and sister Kieran and Eimear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty – have established a firm friendship, a large fan-base, have already toured the UK and have played in The USA & Morocco, bringing their energetic, fresh sound to both new listeners and old fans. Previous singles Zola, Ferrari and TV were played nationally on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and XFM – to name a few, and they already have a NIMA award under their belts. The brilliant thing about this band is that they don’t sing about obscure subjects – they sing about what they know. Some songs talk about school, football and TV – because that was what they knew at the time – and others mention moving away from home, being hungover and dying your hair. As they put it: “It’s the story of the last five years of our lives”

They have been compared to another famous band from Derry – The Undertones, and incidentally the drummer Kieran landed the role of the Undertones drummer in the recent BAFTA nominated movie about the Belfast record label ‘Good Vibrations’, and the others all played the part of extras.

The Wonder Villains are certainly not shy of experience, they opened the headline stage at the ‘Peace One Day’ festival, have played at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend and have supported many artists and bands who are familiar on the charts, such as:

  • –      They Might Be Giants
  • –      Superfood
  • –      General Fiasco
  • –      Ash
  • –      Electric Six
  • –      New Young Pony Club
  • –      The Undertones
  • –      The Human League,
  • –      Madness

Past supporters include Radio 1 DJ’s Huw Stephans and Phil & Alice, 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq, Jude Law, Amanda Burton, Tim Wheeler (who they have also supported), and last but not least, Gary Lightbody who said:

“What better to cheer one’s heart than a spectacular pop song lionising football’s diminutive wizard Gianfranco Zola. The Wonder Villains have the purest hearts in pop. Their youth plays a role in that but I remember being a particularly sullen teen, for instance – not for this band the huffs and bad poetry. They sing about what they know – TV shows, first loves and football – and in that respect they put me in mind of another great band from their hometown of Derry, The Undertones. And with lyrics like, “The keeper said to Zola, you’re dead when this is over”, they too have a tongue firmly wedged in their cheek. If they are this good in their teens, God only knows how good they’ll get. It’s frightening to wonder…”   (Q Magazine)

Every song The Wonder Villains record has an invigorating crisp sound, incorporating intricate layers with distorted keyboard and lively vocals. The Wonder Villains new single ‘Marshall’ ( depicts looking back at the recent past with rose-tinted shades – everyone wants to remember the good times. This will be released March 24th, with their debut album ‘Rocky’ due for release June 23rd 2014. You can listen to their music here:

Social Networking:

instagram: wondervillains

Telen Rodwell – ‘Little Mystery’

The latest single from Aussie Telen Rodwell, ‘Little Mystery’ is a single set to be released in all reputable download stores from February 10th. The antipodean singer-songwriter’s album ‘Shadowman’ is out now, a mix of pop fare such as this single and some slightly more subtle tunes, it’s a commercially astute and instantly accessible release.

Excellently captured and produced, this is smooth stuff, with this particular track written while on boiling hot location filming an independent Australian zombie film. An intriguing backstory then, and an entertaining artist. Let’s see where he can go…..

Three Beers for Rossi Noise!

Not many UK bands or artists can boast that they have their own beer named after them, but Rossi Noise do. But aside from having their own brand of beer (Grin and Bare It), Rossi Noise are one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the UK in a long time.


Ross, Scott, Neal and Gav make up this exciting band, with Gav hailing from the south whilst Ross, Scott and Neal are all from Newcastle.

Mixing a fusion of dubstep, rock-pop and electro, Rossi Noise are already hugely respected in the UK music scene. Having performed on the main stage at Evolution festival in Newcastle, been interviewed on BBC Radio 1, 6 music, and performed live on the BBC’s Introducing sessions with Nick Roberts, it’s no wonder these guys have already completed a nationwide headline tour. Rudimental has shown interest in collaborating with them, and they have also supported chart sensations such as The Vaccines, Ellie Goulding and Hadouken!

Since forming, the band is constantly trying to push their boundaries, and manage to continuously progress and evolve within their music. They believe in not saturating the local area with gigs, to avoid repetitiveness, ensures a great turnout and keeps their sets fresh and exciting.

Tom Robinson from 6 Music wrote: “Rossi Noise create a seamless synthetic synthesis of styles that just works”.

On their new track, Rossi Noise collaborate with Hati. Her unique voice provided something to experiment with, and the electronic fusion combined with rock and Hati results in an incredibly catchy and radio-worthy single. Their new single ‘Can’t Stop Me (Til The Sun Comes Up)’ Ft. Hati is out on 21st March 2014.



Twitter: @rossinoise


Ben Okafor is One to Watch

Ben Okafor is a unique musician who makes roots reggae music and bridges an artistic gap between Jamaican reggae, Afro-pop and UK folk. He has shared a stage with popular music giants like Cliff Richard, Van Morrison and Billy Bragg and has been touring and making new music since 1985.


Perhaps the most pertinent thing about Ben’s music is his political focus and drive for social change. He was born in Enugu in eastern Nigeria with 7 siblings and his early life was defined by the Biafran civil war which erupted when he was 12. He enlisted in the Biafran military intelligence arm known as ‘the Boys Company’ without telling his parents, but luckily missed his mission rendezvous which failed with horrendous consequences. Nevertheless Ben witnessed the fighting, terror and violence first hand and has experienced being in the line of fire. This fraught background coloured some of his musical experiences in writing and in performance. Indeed, his music has such power in his native Nigeria that he has even been threatened not to play “Raise your Conscience” by a Nigerian military general and has had tanks at one of his gigs in Apartheid South Africa.

His music carries messages relating to these experiences and each one tells a fascinating story. It is for this reason that his music has received praise from the likes of Chris Rea, Bono and BBC Radio 2 DJ Simon Mayo and he has played at Glastonbury Festival, the Cambridge Folk Festival and the World Music Festival in Copenhagen. Due to his political background Ben has also had the privilege to play at high profile events to influential world leaders such as Archbishop Rowan Williams and Gordon Brown at the Lambeth Conference in 2008, at the ‘Make Poverty History’ Gleneagles Summit and at a Commonwealth leader’s summit with HM the Queen and Prince Philip. He is therefore used to gaining a great deal of attention through his music, he sees his art and art in general as a way of influencing people to do good in the world.  He currently runs a charity called ‘Amaka Beautiful Child’ (ABC) which is itself committed to ‘social and personal transformation through the arts’. It aims to use poetry, music, art, drama and dance (all interests of Ben’s) for the sake of social cohesion in order to bring communities together. Ben has been busy working on a number of projects such as the empowerment of young refugees, a campaign to make primary education free for all children globally (UN development goal for 2015), and the creation of a physical space for sociological artistic expression in his home town of Great Malvern.

Ben’s range of life experiences has provided him with some rich insight into the world around him. His albums like ‘Thing with War’ (2003) and ‘Child of Biafra’ (2007) investigate some of the effects of war and express Ben’s own experiences of conflict and violence. Whereas some of his other records such as ‘Nkiru’ (1989) and his most recent album, ‘Diverted Traffic’ (2009) delve more broadly into the human condition, self-identity, and the potential conflicts between artistic expression and a market centred music industry.

In early 2010, Ben’s youngest child was born which naturally took priority and caused him to take some time out from the industry. This didn’t stop him from continuing to write new music that will be recorded later this year for his new album.

Overall, there is no doubt that Ben Okafor is a fascinating musical talent with a rich personal history. Together these two facets of talent and wisdom make for quite a special listen.

Jokerbats – Welcome to EvilZgate


Byron and Trix make up the band ‘Jokerbats’ – like the White Stripes of hard rock. Their new single ‘Vampire’ is due for release on the 24th February and can be previewed below:

Website –
But before you listen, you should be introduced into their world as it’s not for the faint hearted…

Welcome to EvilZgate, a fictional land of castles, heavy mists and dark mystery fraught by warfare between the evil ‘Demoncock Corporation’ who aim to monopolise the music market with heartless talent shows fighting the noble and courageous Jokerbats. Residing in nearby Brutons Castle, the Jokerbats have been locked in guerrilla warfare with the Corporate for hundreds of years, fighting back their barrages of tedium and monotony with their own brand of hard rock. They cast spells of theatricality, eccentricity and musical exuberance over the Corporation to try and liberate its prisoners from imprisonment. (The full Chronicles of EvilZgate can be found here:

As a band they have drawn inspiration from traditional hard rock bands like Motorhead, Metallica and Black Sabbath who’s own Ozzy Osbourne was good friends with the band in their youth and owns a copy of one of their first ever demos. Their influences also go to the likes of the Cure, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and they are particularly inspired by many bands from oversees such as Rob Zombie in the US, Lordi from Finland and Nightwish from Norway.

They especially love bands and artists who delve in the theatrical with music; bands like Lordi and artists like David Bowie who of course went through various dramatic transformations from Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke. In terms of their fictional tale and their fight against artistic homogeneity they share a space with Daft Punk whose album ‘Discovery’ told that story within a futuristic cartoon context.

They hope to take the enjoyable side of heavy rock and gothic culture and to create their own fictional world which can by inhabited by them and their fans – musical reactionaries have been strictly exiled!

It’s A Bright Future for ‘ShoDem ENT’


The future is certainly looking bright for Samson, aka ‘Sose’, of ShoDem Ent/SMG. A young and flourishing entrepreneur from London who has big plans for the future, Sose’s vision for ShoDem is to work with a variety of UK artists and deliver original, raw and exciting UK talent and music.

Sose wants to prove to people that it is possible to become a young businessman within the music industry without conforming to a stereotype. He has always had an entrepreneurial instinct, even from a young age when he used to sell sweets for a profit. Providing for his family and supporting his mother from an early age has taught Sose to dream big, and that with hard work you can achieve anything.

Now however his dreams are bigger – running ShoDem Ent whilst also working as a manager and publisher with the objective to eventually find artists whom they can sign and develop. Sose has a versatile music taste, and this is reflected in the music that ShoDem produce. ShoDem SMG have collaborated with Beluga Ice – A well known MC from West London – to produce and release their brand new debut track ‘#ChequeMe’. The song has an extremely catchy hook and the lyrics are current and relatable – depicting a talented man who could have it all, as long as he stops being lazy and works for it. It’s due for release on the 28th January, you can watch the video for it here:

You can also catch ShoDem SMG at their first event in Great Portland Street in London on the 29th January.

Twitter: @ShoDemSMG

National music competition crowns Heidi Browne Open Mic UK winner!

Heidi BrowneThe Music competition Open Mic UK has found its latest winner of the competition joining a long line of prestigious Future Music competition winners, Heidi Browne from Market Drayton, Shropshire has been named as the winner of the national Open Mic UK competition at The NEC in Birmingham!


Music competition Open Mic UK winner


Heidi was crowned music champion in front of a capacity crowd at The NEC in Birmingham on Saturday night taking home a recording and development deal. Her own original song G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D won over the competition judges making her the winner of the 21 and over age category and the overall winner of the music competition Open Mic UK 2014.

The music competition is brought to you by Future Music – the company behind the discovery of artists such as Jacob Banks, Warner Music’s Birdy, Columbia Record’s Lucy Spraggan, Union J’s Jaymi Hensley and Jahmene Douglas, both of which are now signed to Sony Music, and last year’s TeenStar competition winner Luke Friend!


Music competition Open Mic UK winner judges

After impressing the competition’s judging panel at auditions from against more than 9,000 acts who signed up to Open Mic UK this year across the UK, they went on to perform in the Open Mic UK live showcases, battling through both Regional and Area final heats.


The judging panel for the Grand Final of the music competition included record label representatives from Sony, Warner and Universal with names such as four time Ivor Novello Award winner Mark Hill, Birdy’s producer Gareth Henderson, Alex Baker from Kerrang Radio plus DJs who work for BBC introducing and Capital FM radio, along with Head of Future Music Chris Grayston. Also picked by the judging panel as winners were Heidi Browne from Market Drayton, Shropshire, who won the over 21’s age category, and Wildwood Kin from Exeter in Devon who took home the competition title for the 17-20 year old age category.


This year’s competition winner Heidi, says on the Open Mic UK competition experience; ‘’I entered the competition for a bit of exposure.  I never thought I’d be successful as a quirky singer-songwriter!  Winning the competition has restored my faith in what I’ve been doing for so long and I’ve been overwhelmed by the support of my fans, friends and family.’

Heidi has now won a comprehensive consultation package as competition winner with Future Music, an initial extensive winner’s publicity package, a Lewitt microphone courtesy of John Hornby Skewes & Co. and an amazing £5,000 to spend on the development of her music.


For more information on competition winner Heidi follow her on Heidi has proved herself to be best of the lot! For your chance to do the same, enter for 2014 now at

Future Music is also about to start auditions for TeenStar Competition, after Luke Friend took the title in its first year. It’s not too late to enter and audition in the coming weeks. To find out more and enter the TeenStar now go to