Edinburgh Rock Singer Dmarco is set for stardom

dazzzzAfter spending his childhood hanging out backstage with famous musicians and harbouring an ever-growing lust for music, Daryl ‘Dmarco’ is now ready for the spotlight.

As a completely new artist, with a brand new album that has yet to be released, UK rock singer Daryl Dmarco, who is no stranger to the music industry, has been brushing shoulders with celebrities for years. He has grown up a product of his surroundings and there is no doubt that the music in his blood has been heavily influenced by his past. He can boast of an impressive childhood, his father owned three separate concert halls by the time Daryl was 15 in Edinburgh and Glasgow, which over the years, have been home to literally hundreds of the biggest selling artists in the world as they pass through on tour. Not many teenagers can say that they have partied backstage with Justin Timberlake and the Black Eyed Peas or simply hanging out pre concert with Slash playing guitar, one of the most influential guitarists of all time. At a point in his childhood, Dmarco’s mother’s partner was Jo Callis, the songwriter and multi instrumentalist from supergroup ‘The Human League’. From the young age of 8, Daryl would sit outside Jo’s room in the evenings, press his ear to the door and listen to him crafting new songs on his guitar whilst trying to avoid getting caught by his mother for being out of bed.

The single ‘Hollywood Crush’, the album’s title name, has got ‘cult smash’ oozing out of it’s pores. It is a revolutionary, ‘middle-finger’ up to the Hollywood film industry. It is the story of the underdog. How many youngsters ever get the chance to meet the actor/actress they have a crush on in the flesh and for that person to even know that they exist? Yet ironically, it is this fantasy that Hollwood has been selling for years. Dmarco doesn’t believe in fairytales, he does though believe in the impossible dream. The album in its entirety conveys the bitter after taste of emotions that are tainted by the destructive nature of love – the positive mixed with the melancholy. Dmarco keeps it simple when talking about complex emotions, enabling his audience to relate to the songs the first time they hear them.

Two tracks off of the album were recorded in the same studio where the legendary David Bowie recorded his album ‘Heroes’ in Berlin, where he worked with his producer and Scottish tenor, Martin Aelred. One of the songs from the album, ‘All I Need’, was recorded in the stairwell of this colossal old wartime building. Dmarco demanded he sing the vocal in the stairwell, it took 8 people to run 170 metres of cable, eventually reaching the stairwell from the studio and only then was the vocal recorded.

It’s not just Dmarco’s musical life that has been riddled with curiosity and adventure. He has travelled thousands of miles around the world, however, on his most recent journey, when he arrived at Nepal he was refused entry to Tibet and detained by the Chinese government officials, he was eventually released after three weeks. His reason for being refused is still unknown.

A key feature in Dmarco’s individuality as an artist, is his ingenuity. He decided that having complete control over the creative process of his music was a crucial aspect for his development as an artist. He set out perfecting the art of film making, in total putting in excess of 1000 hours so that he can create a music video for every song he releases. In a present day world, where musical creativity has became a scarcity, fate has had its hand forced to stage a credible fight back, and it has inspired Dmarco to produce rock music with a soulful edge, that is universally engaging and exhilarating.

Hollywood Crush is due for release in March 2014, alongside Dmarco’s first tour in Japan.

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Johnny Hoffman and the Residents


With the release of their first album, ‘Welcome to Everott’, last summer (2013) Washington based punk group Johnny Hoffman and the Residents (JHOFF) are gaining a lot of attention. Despite their growing recognition by the likes of MTV and Warped Magazine relatively little is known about the two-piece band – until now!

They both come from relatively fraught backgrounds having experiences of loss and tragedy from a young age. Joe lost his big sister to a drug overdose when he was young losing a best friend and a role model as someone who influenced a lot of his music and writing. The Name “Johnny Hoffman” is in honour of John Hoffman, a late great uncle of Joe’s who was also lost around the same time.

These losses have allowed JHOFF to deal with some difficult emotions which only adds to the strength, sincerity and rawness of their music. They recorded Drug Hotel, Tracy Girl, Inner City on a digital 16 track Roland recording system in the upstairs bedroom of Joe’s Dad’s house. Their lo-fi sound comes from the techniques they used to record in boxing up an old Peavey amp in a cardboard box with high gain and mic’ing it up from the outside.

“Most of the time we relied on instinct and intuition to guide where the songs should go next. Basically flying by the seat of our pants, recording every noise, rattle and hiss that made the hair stand on the back of our necks”.

Their inspirations at the time of writing and recording were Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, The Pixies, Captain Beefheart and The Beatles. But they are also very involved with the local hardcore punk scene working with and being influenced by bands from various spots around the Washington area.

“We express a very particular groove native to our area and can never be replicated due to the struggle and life lived behind each song”.

Joe also runs an all age’s underground venue, called The Creative’s Underground, in the building where they live where they get various performers from the Northwest to perform.

Drugs have also influenced them to some extent: “We have also had our fair share of experience with psychedelics, that we believe open up the flood gates to a synchronicity in writing new music.” They are not short of a few weird tales: “Black Sabbath, strobe lights and standing out in the rain with our brains oozing…we have seen vinyl album covers talking to us and been lost in a large wooden play structure…”

‘Leather Face’ is a track taken from their latest album. You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNrLulpVpbY&feature=youtu.be

Want to hear more? Check out ‘Han Solo’ taken from their previous release ‘Knuckle Deep’: https://soundcloud.com/jhoffandtherez/han-solo

Social Networks:
Twitter: @Jhoffandtherez
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jhoffandtherez
Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/user/Jhoffandtherez?feature=watch
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jhoffandtherez
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jhoffandtherez
Instagram: @jhoffandtherez

Steve Murray & Kingbird – ‘Angels & Butterflies’

Part of the New Wave era with the band Fast Cars, Steve Murray is back with a new sound, a new album and a new single.


The acoustic rock track ‘Angels & Butterflies’ is an uplifting track about overcoming adversity, with a strong country vibe and a distinctive vocal performance by Murray himself. It’s a great example of the new approach he’s taken for his new album, a mellow, stripped back style of rock that suits his voice perfectly.


You can hear the single here: https://soundcloud.com/labelled-independent/steve-murray-kingbird-angels


The LP itself, ‘Audio Book’, was released to raise funds for  a charity called “Georgia’s Children of the World” set up by Steve and his daughter Georgia’s friends,  after  she unfortunately passed away following complications in her third heart operation. Available now but slated for a possible re-issue early in 2014, it’s a strong collection of songs full of positive messages, a value it shares with its writer.


‘Audio Book’ is the latest release in an enviable musical career. As well as working on projects alongside the likes of Mark Riley (6 Music), Paul Weller and The Jam and Joy Division, Steve Murray was the songwriter of ‘The Kids Just Wanna Dance’ – a Fast Cars single that is now amongst the top 20 most collectible from the period. Recently released on an album by Californian band Emily’s Army, the song was hand picked by Billy Joe Armstong of Green Day who also produced the album which features his son Joey on drums.




Fight the Fight pshot“FIGHT THE FIGHT” is the debut single by Robert Lonsdale, and is the first recording from the new musical From Here To Eternity. Written by Oscar-winning lyricist Sir Tim Rice and composer Stuart Brayson, the song is being released on December 8th to coincide with the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, on which the show is based. Robert Lonsdale is a multi-talented actor and performer, and is making his musical-theatre debut in From Here To Eternity. His previous work includes Anna Christie (Donmar Warehouse) and La Bete (West End/Broadway), and he has appeared on TV in Coronation Street, Silent Witness and A Passionate Woman.


Lonsdale plays the lead role of Private Prewitt in From Here To Eternity. Few West-End debuts of recent times have provoked such critical acclaim. Time Out described him as “a magnetic lead” adding “he has a fascinating voice, not a million miles away from Jack White’s bluesy yelp – he injects paint-stripper intensity…”. The Independent wrote that he “magnetically conveys the stubborn, passionate individualism of Prewitt”.


Lyricist Sir Tim Rice is one of the most successful songwriters of the last forty years. He has written some of the best-known works in musical theatre history, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Lion King. From Here to Eternity is his first collaboration with composer Stuart Brayson. Ten years in the making, Brayson’s West End debut is the most remarkable of recent times, and was acclaimed by BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Review as “one of the best heard in London in many years.”


From Here to Eternity is running at the Shaftesbury Theatre, in London’s West End. Adapted from one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, this brand new musical is directed by Tamara Harvey (The Kitchen Sink, Bush Theatre), designed by Soutra Gilmour (Macbeth, Trafalgar Studios), choreographed by Javier de Frutos (London Road, National Theatre), and has a book by Bill Oakes. Produced by Lee Menzies, the musical opened in November 2013 to some of the best reviews for an original dramatic score in years.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/115362662″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Single Released 17th January, 2014

Nyika is a soul-funk singer songwriter with Bulgarian and Zimbabwean roots. She has a sound which is reminiscent of other soul acts, such as Omar (both artists having studied at WAC). Being a self managed and published artist, Nyika is indie in the truest sense of the word. In addition, this staunchly independent artist also runs her own record label, ‘Too Hip’ Records. This independence allows Nyika to release music that is unfiltered, personal and direct. This personal approach is reflected in new single ‘Crying Days’, which focuses on her childhood.

Nyika is not complacent and continues to develop as an artist – she has already released two albums which have allowed her to work with some of the same collaborators as George Michael, Dusty Springfield and Kylie Minogue. All of the knowledge she has gained from her previous collaborations have helped to shape ‘Crying Days’.

Having performed at London Gay Pride and being labeled as ‘One to watch’ by Tony Blackburn (BBC Radio), momentum is really building for Nyika, and when listening to ‘Crying Days’, it’s clear to see why. The track is a triumphant statement about overcoming past strife and how this ultimately strengthens us.  This is all made clear in the chorus, which proudly states ‘My crying days are over’.

This uplifting message is backed by thudding drums, giving the song a real energy and forward propulsion. This energy permeates the entire song and makes for an exciting listen. This backing is built on by soulful piano chords and funk guitar. If you’ve not listened to Nyika before, ‘Crying Days’ is a great introduction to her indie soul funk style.

‘Crying Days’ will be available for purchase from January 17th





Jason Lancaster – ‘All I Can Give You’

Former Maydar Parade and GoRadio frontman Jason Lancaster has unveiled a lyric video for his festive track ‘All I Can Give‘, taken from this Punk Goes Christmas, which is available now  via Fearless Records.

Punk Goes Christmas follows a string of succesful titles in the Punk Goes series, which has featured the likes of A Day To Remember, The All-American Rejects, Rise Against, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday. The first holiday-themed compilation in the series, Punk Goes Christmas offers a variety of timeless Christmas classics, like The Summer Set‘s version of “This Christmas” as well as unreleased holiday tracks from the likes of New Found Glory, Yellowcard, All Time Low, and Crown The Empire. With 12 merry melodies, this volume in the Punk Goes…series will put a little Fearless holiday-spirit into your stocking this year.

Fernando’s Kitchen: ‘Se Acabo’


There aren’t many completely independent bands that can boast of selling out a 600-person capacity venue, but Fernando’s Kitchen can.  Other successions include headlining the Tapas Fantasticas Rioja Festival in South Bank, London for four years running, performing on the main stage at Rhythms of The World in 2009 and also at the Royal Opera House bar.

Busking around Cambridge and London for several years, they have a prestigious reputation and an extremely large fan-base from all over the world. Referring to their music as ‘Nu World Fusion’, they have blended influences from several musical traditions to create their unique sound. The musicians who make up Fernando’s Kitchen are from all over the World; Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Italy and Greece, all united in London where they gradually joined together.

Sebastian and Heidi met each other on the south bank in 2005. Both were busking on the south bank and they decided to team up and play music together. For the first few years they started out as a Duet, the first year they played mostly jazz standards and pop songs with Sebastian on guitar and Heidi on vocals. Within a few months they became the best of friends and fell in love. Very soon they had made friends with almost all the buskers and many of the homeless people who live in the streets in central London, along with several other people. After a year of many daily hours of performance on the street, Heidi’s Voice needed a rest and Seb bought her a cajon from Spain to play while resting her voice. With the bit of drum kit experience from before, she found it very natural to play the cajon. That was when they started writing their own music together, and Fernando’s Kitchen was born. Once they had a clearer idea on their music and what they wanted, other musicians and instruments were added to Fernando’s Kitchen as well as a renewed focus on vocals. They have sold thousands of CD’s and literally millions of people have seen them perform due to busking. All of their songs were developed mostly during very regular busking performances for the first 5 years, the last 2 years they have spent doing more gigs and spending more time at home working on their music and perfecting their sound.

They were asked to support the flamenco guitarist Juan de Lerida at the Rich mix in London on his UK tour, and the house was packed with about 97 % of their own fans. After that evening, the Rich mix asked them if they would like to partner with them and act as their own promoter for regular live concerts in their amazing music venue, they have now been doing this for three years. It has been a ‘stage’ where some of the most important transitions have happened to them as a band, as they started stepping up to bigger stages. Their music has also stepped up, with more arrangement and production work on the finer details, a more mature sound and the addition of exciting new instruments and sounds.

Back from their August tour to Copenhagen, Fernando’s Kitchen are now releasing their latest single ‘Se Acabo’ from their album, ‘Musica Fina’. Inspired by their love for African and Latin music and a winter jam session around Christmas 2011, it includes an intricate guitar melody with soulful, harmonious vocals. It’s the kind of song to make you want to snuggle up in front of the fire, and also dance along the river-bank in the sunshine whilst sipping on a cocktail.

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Dutch indie pop-rocker Natasha Nicholls releases debut EP


3-track download raising money for handicapped children in Asia and Africa

Hailing from a ‘tiny village in the Netherlands’, Natasha Nicholls is an exciting, self-taught musician who quite literally writes songs in her sleep. Having already gained the attraction of the national media in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf (the Dutch version of the Daily Mail) and Story Magazine (one of the biggest magazines in the Netherlands) just to name a couple have featured the young musician.

Each of the three songs from her debut EP, titled simply ‘EP’, were developed from ideas which were roughly recorded after waking up with melodies and lyrics in her head. It’s indicative of a passionately DIY approach that is also reflected in her excellent animated video, which she edited to suit her song entirely herself.

In fact, Natasha Nicholls is a self-made musician in every sense, building her own website from scratch as well as creating the artwork for the EP and setting up and taking her own artist photos. It’s a fierce approach which has won her a great online following and attracted much media attention, as aforementioned – not bad going for an artist who’s also juggling her time with her student studies.

Even more impressive, Natasha Nicholls’ charity work has raised a lot of money over the years for needy children around the world, leading to her own recently established children’s foundation that aims to help handicapped children and orphans in Asia and Africa. For each copy of the EP sold, Natasha has pledged a percentage to the cause.

You can download the EP here: http://natashanicholls.bandcamp.com/

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Australian Hip-Hop Artist makes UK Debut!

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/121961312″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Could Giovanni ‘Gio’ Agosta, a regular 19 year old from a remote farm on the other side of the world, be the next big thing in Hip-Hop? After listening to his songs, the answer is most definitely yes. With his vibrant yet versatile style, Gio showcases his extremely talented ability to be able to play many instruments as well as freestyle.

Growing up in West Melbourne, Australia, personal losses and life experiences have inspired the raw songs on his new album, as well as being exposed to several diverse genres in music. He has taken his influences, such as Macklemore and Bob Dylan, and incorporated them with his experiences to create this edgy yet intimate sound. His new single ‘Dear Bup’ started out as a poem to his ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him because his dedication to music meant that he didn’t have much time for her. Knowing she would never read it, he created the single.

When writing ‘Real’, Gio said his perception of music was enlightened, ‘I didn’t just want to be a rapper anymore, I wanted to hit the right notes. The album is called ‘Real’ because it seems like people are judged as not being real or their music isn’t ‘real’. I feel like the end verse of my first single Real sums it up “See these days we don’t feel real unless someone else agrees. Because people push you to be a certain way, to act like something, to talk about what they think is the sh*t… I don’t need to rap about drugs, but if that’s expressing myself and it’s important to me, then I should. I can say what I feel, because what I feel is real.”’. Gio has played alongside artists such as M-Phazes (who produced a couple of tracks on Eminem’s latest LP the MMLP2), Butterfingers & Mind Over Matter, and has worked with singer Jimmy Cupples and also has received ongoing support from ARIA Award winning rapper 360 since he came to watch Gio’s headlining show in Melbourne.

Gio is not only incredibly talented within the studio, on the stage is where he truly shines. His producer, Mark Belcastro, comments that “When Gio’s on stage, he steps it up to a whole new level…He doesn’t stand up there and just play his songs, but rather wants people in the crowd to join in and be in the show”.

Looking to get involved in urban clothing labels is yet another innovative idea that Gio has had in order to promote his music, alongside releasing his album for free. In many ways, Gio is like any regular kid, going to parties and socialising with friends, the exceptions being his talent, passion and ambition for music and that one day, he will be inspiring many young musicians just like himself.

Real’ will be released in the UK in early March 2014, and his single ‘Dear Bup’ will be released on January 15th.