After two chart topping releases, NYC based recording artist, NOAH arrives wiser, more determined and full of interesting stories about his journey as a musical artist in today’s D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) culture.

His brand new single “Keep On Movin’” is scheduled to hit digital retailers worldwide on December 16th under his new dance label, Icon Worldwide Music, with global distribution by LabelWorx UK, home to global DJ/Producer sensations Avicci, Armin Van Buren, Afrojack, Sebastian Ingrosso and Tiesto.

Keep on Movin’ is bound to become 2013’s celebratory Billboard and UK Music Week Dance Chart success. The song is not only a personal reflection for the artist but also a declaration of more to come.  NOAH wrote the anthem in the hopes of inspiring those seeking to change their lives!

I am “catching up with destiny,” NOAH explains, “and I am not looking back!”

Within weeks of leaving his office job in September of 2012, NOAH’s debut single “New York is Dead” began its 20 week residency on the DJ Times National Club Charts peaking at #16 in December between Mariah Carey’s “Triumphant” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Darkside,” ultimately charting in the Top 20 of the U.K. Music Week’s Commercial/Pop Charts in June at #15.  “No More Angels,” his L.A. themed summer anthem, reached the Top 40 on the DJ Times National Club Charts and climbed to #3 on the UK Upfront Music Charts in July.

“Keep On Movin’” is picking up speed and garnering international positive Tastemaker feedback from the likes of UK’s

Judge Jules (BBC1), Graeme Park and Lee Dagger.  The single hit #9 on the Top 100 Chart on October 14th and has received support from Netherland’s celebrity Radio 10 Gold DJ, Dennis Verheugd a.k.a. DJ Devious, All4YouHitRadio in the Netherlands, Club Radio EDM, and Red Sea Dance Radio.

The original track, produced by NOAH and UK based producer, Ben Dabson a.k.a. Radical Academy (Cardiff, Wales) accompanies a celebrity line up of International remixes including the esteemed UK Power Duo, Andrew Galea & Marc JB, London’s 2013 Top 100 DJs Pink Panda (UK), Grammy nominated and Billboard Charting producers Mike Rizzo (Funk Generation), Sam Michaels & Dan Mathews a.k.a. Klubjumpers, Wayne G & LFB; French Miami DJ/Producer sensation PASHAA; chart topping Billboard DJ/Producers Casey Alva and DJ Ting, as well as a cast of rising talent including the fresh celebrity DJ/Producer Shahaf Moran (Tel Aviv), Dirrty Panda (Canada), and the Italian DJ/Producer team, WTDJ (Italy).

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Upcoming urban Artist, Goldi, releases debut single ‘Typa Chick’


Goldi ‘Typa Chick’ – Released December 9th

Goldi is a young singer/songwriter originating from East London/Essex. With her spontaneous style of writing, her punchy lyrics and sassy attitude, Goldi’s new track ‘Typa Chick’ impacts with everything a first single should be.

Growing up listening to soul music and Motown, Goldi has always been highly influenced by this particular era. After struggling to fit in at school Goldi turned to music at a young age, and after starring in several musicals she discovered a passion for performing that she decided she just had to pursue.

Goldi has consistently worked since the age of twelve, sometimes holding down two jobs at a time in order to support her ambition. After moving on from musical theatre, Goldi auditioned for several music projects in and around London, where she began an artist development deal with an independent record label. This enabled Goldi to express her creative writing capability – having written her first song at the age of seven, Goldi was finally able to record her first track. After her contract ended, she was scouted by a music manager and since then she has worked with Solo Solid Crew and several producers.

Goldi’s ambition and hard-working attitude has led to her striking out on her own. Having formed a partnership with London based production company ‘Knightstarr’ Goldi now works religiously with them. She loves trying new things in the studio, experimenting with her sound with no limitations, and her new single ‘Typa Chick’ channels the brilliant spontaneity of being lost in the moment. Its catchy hook and upbeat tempo will inspire dance-floors all over the UK, and the sexy and conspicuous video reveals her as a force to be reckoned with on the urban music scene.

“I know what I want, I don’t always get it right but I will get it, I’m prepared to work my ass off until I do” – Goldi

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THE DICE release the DOUBLE 6 E.P. (Beetroot Records release 2-12-2013)

Outta nowhere, from the humid streets of MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA via LONDON’S gritty underground comes THE DICE, aka BEETROOT RECORDS head honcho Alfonso Araujo with his debut EP, the freshest mix-up of Urban beats, sleazy grime bass lines, and phat hip-hop rhythms we’ve heard in ages..

“ROLL THE DICE” features EMCEE KILLA on vocals

(from CAXTON PRESS , London’s buzzing Hip-Hop collective fresh from supporting PUBLIC ENEMY at their recent Brixton show), who turns in a stunning,  expressive delivery over the Dice’s trademark dirty bass, with  a killer synth-line hook to seal the deal.
[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

IMPULSE OF WAR reworks these elements into an alternative, more melodic cut with vocals from TIDDLES ( top female rapper from London’s punk underbelly) and JASON JAMES    (another killer wordsmith from Colchester’s folk protest scene ), whilst a remix from underground Acid Techno kingpins CHRIS LIBERATOR & STERLING MOSS fuses the edgy beats, flowing raps and needle sharp synths into an uptempodancefloor powerhouse.

This  is a taster for the forthcoming DICE album, an eclectic ensemble of brilliant songs somewhere between the cutting edge blues of MASSIVE ATTACK,  via PORTISHEAD, contemporary HIP-HOP and sleazy ROCK ‘N’ROLL, created with haunting electronic sounds, raw beats, dirty guitars, violins and some of the most interesting vocalists around, all put together by the extremely talented DICE MAN himself, someone you are gonna be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. We think the album’s something really special, but in the meantime, get your teeth into Double Six EP.

Billy Joel and Fyfe Dangerfield warm-up tour

After a busy summer with the Guillemots, enigmatic front man Fyfe Dangerfield is embarking on a very brief solo tour with American pop record machine Billy Joel.

At only 3 dates it’s not really a tour but more of a brief solo foray as a warm up for a solo show on 22nd November at the Jazz Café in London. Ideal if you don’t fancy sitting through Billy Joel afterwards…



If you’re not much of a Guillemots fan or on the fence about then I can definitely recommend you check out Fyfe live. He is a fantastic songwriter and a very versatile musician who still manages to give the likes of ‘Trains to Brazil’ and ‘I Must be a Lover’ as much energy as ever.

Fyfe will be playing the classics, some covers and is also open to requests so why not pop along to the Jazz Café on the 22nd November.

Dirty Louie invites us to ‘Suck It for the USA’


New single released December 2nd

Taking a satirical swipe at the excesses and vices of the USA, Dirty Louie has released new rock ‘n’ roll single ‘Suck It for the USA’.

Based in Venezuela, Dirty Louie experiences his chosen target through the eyes of an outsider, an immigrant with a twisted view of The American Dream.

Not for the easily offended, it puts a new twist on the typical fresh faced young girl who comes to the city and has to literally battle for acceptance. Behind the controversy courting visuals, the track is a solid rock tune with a catchy riff and infectious chorus that it’s hard to push from your brain once it’s found a place there.

But behind the fun, upbeat rock exterior, Dirty Louie has a point to make. The music is all about the injustices and inequalities he has seen first-hand in developing countries, and contrasting that with the excesses of his North American neighbours.

Musically inspired by his surroundings, Dirty Louie has spent his life moving from country to country and culture to culture in South America. Hoping to inspire others, he wants to provide a stage for Latin American Art – by curating a show for Mexican artists in his Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village.

In the meantime, he invites you into his worldview, and challenges you to ‘Suck It for the USA’

Dirty Louie website:

Santa Claus set to release his first ever album

Santa 2.jpg low resAfter almost 200 years delivering gifts around the world to all the well behaved children on December 24th, Santa Claus has this year decided to add to his prodigious workload by releasing his first ever album.

Bringing together elves and members of staff from his day job to create band ‘The Christmas Crackers’, Santa has selected a number of original Christmas tunes for the LP. He’s also chosen a number of his own favourite tunes to cover, including ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, ‘So Here It Is Merry Christmas’ and more. There’s even a seasonal version of Carl Douglas hit ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, re-titled ‘Christmas Shopping’, which has received high praise from Douglas himself.

So, why the sudden desire to produce and release his own music after all this time?

One day last May, Santa received a letter from a nine year old boy who lived on the east coast of Australia. He wanted to ask if Santa could bring a present of new Christmas songs to their Mum. Every year at Christmas the boy would hear his Mum say that, however much she loved Christmas, she wasn’t looking forward to hearing the same old songs over and over again on the Radio and in the shops.

She longed for something new, and Santa decided that he would add her gift to his list.

Let There Be Christmas’ is released November 25th from all good download sites.

Akasha FX – ‘Slave of Time Remixes’ single out now with Reel Me Records

Akasha FXAn electronica based production project of Reel Me Records founder Kristian Townsend, Akasha FX is a labour of love that combines various different genres to create something original. Simultaneously down tempo and rhythmic, ambient and breakbeat, it’s a clash that shouldn’t work but does.

With support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Raul Campos and Eddy Temple Morris, as well as placements on TV shows such as CSI and Nikita, the soundscapes of Akasha FX are clearly capturing the consciousness of the industry. And with new single ‘Slave of Time’, the project is set to keep reaching a wider audience.

Combining the break-beat of Akasha FX, the lyrics of Trinidadian wordsmith and poet Coreysan and the skilled cello of ‘J Rokka’ (another Reel Me artist), this is a sprawling, trippy introduction to a new, electronic sound which is both accessible and esoteric – a rare skill.

Coco Deparis – I don’t love you anymore – Official audio

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Coco DeParis has put the sensitive emotions of her childhood memories and life experience into her music. The results have received high praise, and her upcoming debut single “I don’t love you anymore” is highly anticipated.

Born in France to french/ Hispanic and African parentage, Coco DeParis is now based in London where she regularly gigs. With an original, distinctive sound and great song-writing skills, Coco DeParis is steadily building up a strong fan base, both locally and further afield.

Inspired by a genuine relationship that recently disintegrated, “I don’t love you anymore” is heartbreakingly honest in both the lyrics and the delivery. Opening with gentle piano and strings the song is immediately reminiscent of classic, dramatic film scores; indeed coco admits that she draws most inspiration from the music she hears in films: “music is critical to the success of a movie because it forces you to feel an emotion and then amplifies it”.