Satirical and Fun: Black Eddy Drops New Punk Rock Album 

‘Home of the Mad and the Shameless’ is the eccentric, off the wall album that floods every ear with energy. The Blackpool four-piece, Black Eddy, will be dropping the album on the 25/06/22 and they have not held back. Simultaneously fun, energetic and emotionally poignant, Black Eddy have put their soul into the album. Their lead single, Repost, captures their grunge punk rock spirit. Repost opens with catchy guitar before all four members come together to unleash their satirical sound. The six track album demonstrates the best of Black Eddy.

The album captures both the honest emotions and the fearlessness to just have fun with music. Repost satirises internet culture with the recurrent line of ‘you have the right to be offended’ among other anti-status quo chants. 

“With Repost we wanted to soundtrack the doom-scroll. It’s no secret that millions around the world struggle with internet and phone addiction (ourselves included). Like all the songs on the album, we wanted to tackle a real issue that we’re going through by making as much noise and having as much fun with it as we can!”

Countless bands have tackled themes of mental health and war yet it is refreshing to see Black Eddy examine our internet culture in such an unapologetic and energetic way. Their subversion of mental health tropes makes the album what it is and Black Eddy turn dark topics into songs you can both smile and mosh to. The songs are inspired by the bands’ real world struggles with schizophrenia, addiction and memory loss. Yet they turn these struggles and emotional vulnerability into cathartic hard rock. 

Don’t just listen to Black Eddy through your speakers, though, their explosive live shows have made them a must see in the Blackpool scene. Black Eddy are building their empire through gigs and they can only grow. With the upcoming release of their new album, they undoubtedly will.

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Aria Creates Passionate Tributes to the Animal Kingdom In New Singles 

Passion and true love for the animals that inhabit this earth has created two touching singles, ‘The Next Life’ and ‘The Lady in White’. Aria’s Earth Day tracks shed emotional light on the cruelty that animals face and those animals that are on the verge of extinction. ‘The Next Life’ features both Aria’s incredible musical talent and the vocals of upcoming Houston rapper, R Reed. The result is a lyrically and instrumentally gorgeous track that combines the rock ballad with dynamic hip hop elements and it works flawlessly to create an emotional dedication to our earth. 

As an advocate for several animal associations, including Animals Asia Foundation, Aria is committed to improving the lives of animals everywhere and raising awareness for their plight. The multi-talented artist is perhaps best known as a founding member of Italian prog-rock band Celeste. In 2013, Aria founded the website (Flight of the Eagle), a multi-media project that showcases montages of the animal kingdom to the sound of Aria’s music. His combination of music and environmental protection is admirable, and is something everyone should be aware of. His passion for bringing the world together through music is clear.

Aria’s vocals can’t help but carry an emotional depth that entices listeners and surrounds them. ‘The Lady in White’ begins with soft instrumentals before being joined by Aria’s passionate vocals, the slow ballad showcases Aria’s undeniable musical talent. No two songs of his are the same and each brings to light an individual theme. With Aria’s rich musical legacy, his acclaims are not undeserved.  

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Aria Releases Two New Tracks in a Touching Tribute to the Earth 

Highly talented Italian producer and composer Aria is about to release his double-A side featuring two incredible singles, ‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’. Not just a gifted musician, Aria aims to bring awareness to the cruelty that animals face; the two tracks have been endorsed by Earth Day 2022.

‘The Next Life’ is a beautiful mix of inspired lyrics, wholesome instrumentals and even features upcoming Houston rapper, R Reed. The combination of genres and styles flow effortlessly throughout the song to create an inspired song. ‘The Next Life’ is an expression for Aria, the avid environmentalist and advocate for several animal associates. 

‘The Lady in White’ combines Aria’s soulful vocals with gentle yet emotional instrumentals. Each syllable sends emotion coursing through the souls of the listeners. The tribute to endangered animals adds an emotional level to the song. Aria (feel name Mariano Schiavolini) has dedicated the gorgeous track to the environment and the animals on the verge of extinction; it’s an issue that deserves to be taken seriously by everybody on the planet. 

In 2013, Aria created (Flight of the Eagle) which combines music and environmental protection. With over 1.5 million views, Aria is sharing awareness of the man-made problems wildlife faces. The two passions work seamlessly together and hopefully inspires people everywhere to help protect these wonderful animals and the planet we live on.


Perhaps best known as a founding member of the Italian prog-rock band ‘Celeste’, Aria has knowledge spanning over a variety of music cultures. With his devotion to music, Aria has since gone on to orchestrate projects across LA, Prague, Johannesburg and more. His musical talent and devotion is strikingly clear in his two new songs. 

‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Next Life’ will be available across all platforms on April 22nd 2022. These are two insanely powerful songs you don’t want to miss!

Violence Bleed Art in Noble1BOF’s Phenomenal New Album

Noble1BOF’S new track ‘No Games’ absolutely deserves a spot on your hype playlists. Coming in with a strong, catchy beat, this track is impossible to skip. Noble’s vocals support his lyrical mastery whilst Carla’s vocals on the chorus come together to make an impeccable song. Even if you’re not a huge fan of rap or drill, Noble’s talents are undoubtable. Even more noble, the artist is a reformed prisoner who is dedicated to helping others in his situation avoid the same mistakes. He’s used the power of music to transform a multitude of lives and hopefully, he will continue to do so. 

As former BBC presenter, Miranda Rae puts it: “Straight away I got caught up in the wicked beats. Loving the vocals by Carla, all round an absolutely fricking banger of a track. Please get me a radio edit asap! Again, this track has its own blend of vibes, almost rave-like hip hop vibes that gets ya head nodding.” 

‘No Games’ is reminiscent of artists like Stormzy, Dave and Giggs but Noble1BOF manages to keep his music unique with the combination of masterful beats and features. The overall sound is remarkable in itself and Noble1BOF certainly doesn’t falter on the depth of the lyrics. He references his difficulties of prison and being surrounded by Brixton’s gangs and as a result, the genuine passion behind his lyrics and delivery elevates the track. Noble’s style could be described as grime-adjacent hip-hop with drill influences, but Noble takes this old-school influence to a new level. His music may appear to target a specific genre, yet even without being familiar with the cultural influences, it is a song that gets you moving. 

His album, ‘Benefits of Freedom’, is just the start of Noble1BOF’s career and hopefully we can all expect more incredible songs from him. For now, he will be headlining his own event at Brixton Jamm on June 29th

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Lanceley Uplifts Listeners With Heart-Warming New Album ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ 

Adam Lanceley proves the phenomenal power of music with his new album, ‘Sweeter Than Honey’, which is exactly the vibe you get listening to his music. The feel-good album is his 11th studio album and he has clearly found his sound. He says, “Sweeter Than Honey marks the end of a long time spent struggling and soul searching,” and “with it, it feels like I’ve found an answer.” Music has been able to provide this artist, like it has done with so many others, a way to escape and process difficult emotions.

Having had death knock on his door at a young age from a debilitating accident that ended his athletic prowess, Lanceley fortunately made it through and turned to music to help him cope. The result? This joyful, inspirational album. The lead single, ‘I’m So Glad’ opens with the gentle strum of the guitar before being joined by Lanceley’s emotional vocals. This feel-good track combines the simple beat of the piano, the enticing strum of the guitar, and Lanceley’s assured vocals to produce an easy to listen to, upbeat song. Lanceley’s strength in overcoming both his physical and mental struggles shines through this album and creates an inspiring message for his listeners. 

Check out Adam’s most recent single here!

‘Sweeter Than Honey’ is an album that encapsulates a diverse range of genres, such as pop and blues, to create an optimistic sound. Much like his two previous albums, Lanceley has dedicated ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ to the same person. Lanceley’s joy and strength makes this listening to this album an uplifting experience. Lanceley is no stranger to success either; he has gained over 32k views on Global Talent World which is an extraordinary feat. His clear message clearly resonates with people around the globe. 

With ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ being released on May 14th, now is the perfect time to embrace the inspiring message of Adam Lanceley. 


Wavewulf Told Me – The Mind Behind The North and the Sea

Following the release of the gorgeous ‘The North and the Sea’ LP, we had the pleasure of sitting down behind the man behind the moniker, Nicholas (AKA Wavewulf) to find out more…

Which song off your new album was the hardest to write?

Well, the hardest songs to write (or the ones that took the longest anyway) were probably “The Sea and the Glacier” and “The Power of Water”, probably because there is a lot going on in those songs rhythm wise and I took a while to get the drums/percussion, synths, vocals, etc. to work together well in those particular tracks. Also, “Scandinavian Nights” took a long time to get working well with all of the persuasive elements, guitars, vocals etc.

Which song are you most proud of and which one is your least favourite?

Honestly, that is a tough question… I think “Luft”, “The Power of Water”, “Serenade” and “The Sea and the Glacier” are some of my favourite tracks on the record. I just love the bassline and drums on Serenade, and I also love the lyrics Marta wrote for that track as well as her super vocals. In addition, I love the drums that Christopher John Donato did on “The Sea and the Glacier” as well as the lyrics Maxx and I wrote together (as well as Maxx’s wonderful vocals on that track). Least favourite… that’s a tough one… I love the song “Predator” but I think that it could have been better as I had originally intended to be with vocals (kind of hip-hop vocals) but the vocalist I had been working with on that track didn’t wish to keep working on it with me, so I just made it an instrumental track. I think it still turned out good though.

If you could collab with one artist, who would it be?

Man, there are so many great artists I respect and have been influenced by over the years… I suppose if I could go back in time (to before he passed) it would have to be David Bowie. He just had such a fascinating career as an artist with all of his phases and I love his music so much. Other than him, perhaps Brian Eno or Flood (James Ellis), I just love the work they have done with artists of all stripes. Also, Martin Gore or Dave Gahan or Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode would be brilliant to collaborate with as I’ve been a big Depeche Mode fan over the years. Or… another artist would be Robert Smith of The Cure, another one of my all-time favourites. As far as vocalists, perhaps Liz Fraser (of Cocteau Twins fame), I’ve always just loved her vocals and vocal harmonies so much! So many…

How easy does inspiration come to you?

Honestly, inspiration comes to me all the time, from all kinds of directions. I think the more difficult part is trying to take that inspiration and pull off what you have in mind musically with what inspires you so much.

What was the main inspiration behind the new album?

The record is a concept album based around a northern/Nordic/arctic/sea theme. The idea for the album really came about during my trip to Iceland this past year. When I was there, I thought a lot about the power of the sea, of water really, and the other geological forces that make such an exotic land as Iceland exist. Before my trip, I had been feeling a bit claustrophobic and disconnected from people. The trip gave me a feeling of freedom, freedom to move, freedom to see, freedom to connect. I think connection is a huge theme of the record.

The album is also really about freedom, and the interplay between feelings of oppression by circumstances and about how to break out of that oppression to gain freedom. The album is also about how we connect as people. I had been feeling pretty disconnected from others during the pandemic (I suppose this has been a feeling for a lot of us) and I wanted to write about how we connect with others and find connection with others. Songs like “Open the Gate”, “Luft”, “The Power of Water”, and “The Sea and the Glacier” illustrate this theme nicely I think. Also, “New Amsterdam” is really about the feeling of being without… being without a loved one (or loved ones) and how that can make life seem quite meaningless. “Understand Me”, besides being a leftist, anti-capitalism track, is also about how we have to break beyond the mundane “the automatic” to forge meaning. “Permafrost” is a track with not only an environmental, save the planet theme but also about our collective loneliness and the power of music in connecting people across places and cultures. “Through the Wires” is a song about what happens when we get our “wires crossed” communicating with others, and also about how that can even happen on a global level and cause misunderstanding between peoples, and governments, and can even cause violence (much as we are now seeing with the tragic invasion of Ukraine).

In addition, direction has always been important to me; maps, latitude, longitude, where one is in the world. I think “The North” is kind of a metaphor for truth and “The Sea” for freedom, which is where the name “The North and the Sea” came from.

Did you run into any difficulties when writing/recording the new tracks?

I think the biggest difficulty with making an album with so many collaborators all over the world is just the logistics of it. You know, it’s the complicated process of trying to get everyone’s ideas and all of the files to fit together well. As a producer, ones has to make everything sound good when everyone is experimenting, and all of the tracks people sent to me to work well together as coherent songs. It’s also a very fun and creative process working with so many different ideas, and with such wonderful talents as those I worked with on making The North and the Sea!

How do you think electronic music is viewed in 2022?

Well, I’m not sure how it is viewed by most but I would say for myself and my colleagues, we view electronic music as a highly expressive and emotional music. I think we also view electronic music as something really substantial and, I would say forward looking, or even futuristic. For instance, I don’t really like the kind of 1980s nostalgia that has become so common in a lot of electronic music in the last decade or so. I mean, I do love many things about the 1980s sound and aesthetic but I don’t like nostalgia for nostalgias sake and think that it is a bit overdone now or at least not very interesting.

There were certainly cool things about the 1980s and early 1990s and loads of great electronic and new wave/indie/alternative music but there were also a lot of terrible things; for instance, high unemployment, bigotry, the Cold War, Reaganomics, Thatcherism, and all of the bad politics of that time. I suppose I just prefer music that is current or especially avant-garde or, like I said, about the future or how to build a better future. And… I think there are loads of things going on in the world now (good, bad or indifferent) that deserve to be written about or expressed musically, and I think electronic music can be a great medium for this! I believe most of my musical friends and colleagues view things this way as well.

Who is your biggest inspiration / what made you start writing music?

Some of my biggest inspirations over the years have been Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, and also Jean-Michael Jarre. I think it is the way they viewed (and view) the synthesizer as an instrument in its own right. It’s an instrument with loads of expressive and emotional power. This as an idea was definitely picked up in the late 1970’s and 1980s by artist such as Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, David Bowie, The Human League, New Order, Japan, Gary Numan and loads of others, especially in Germany and Britain. This line of thinking is where I’m coming from as well in terms of how I view and how to “play” (and write songs with) synthesizers.

This is a huge part of the reason why I only use hardware and (mostly) analogue synthesizers in making and recording my music. I just love all of the hands-on controls of these machines and find that using them, especially in such a tactile way adds so much to my ability to express myself musically. Sound wise, I also believe that using hardware and mostly analogue synthesizers give Wavewulf that little something special and makes my music sound a bit different than many more modern (mostly software based) electronic artists.

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Artistic Synths Meet The Power of the Sea in Wavewulf’s new album

Wavewulf have captured the powerful force of the seas in their new album ‘The North and The Sea’. The lead single ‘Luft’ opens with catchy synths and Nala Spark’s beautifully haunting vocals which create an almost hypnotic track. Wavewulf know exactly who they are what their sound is and the result is a cohesive, enchanting album. Each song off the album is unique and Wavewulf clearly hasn’t fallen into the trap of repetitive songs. The use of electronics to capture ideas of the ocean is a contrast that actually works really well and they’re successful in creating that imagery. 

Whilst ‘Luft’ is their lead single, that does not mean that the rest of the tracks are worth skipping. Each song delivers a new experience and emotion whilst keeping Wavewulf’s innovative style going. If you’re just getting into Wavewulf, I’d recommend checking out Predator and Open the Gate (just two incredible songs off an accomplished album). It’s clear that Wavewulf has spent good time refining  his artistry. The overarching theme of the sea, which was inspired by Long’s time in Iceland, is used to explore ideas of human experience. ‘The North and the Sea’ certainly does this and creates both a thought-provoking and auditory pleasing experience. 

The opening track is the aptly titled ‘Open the Gate’ which introduces Wavewulf’s sound of dramatic synths. Nala Spark’s almost spoken-word vocals combined with a more ethereal harmony creates an almost other-worldly song that enchants the listener. Each song just continues to evoke a whole plethora of introspective emotions that enchant the listener. If you’re looking for unique, powerful songs it’s time to check out ‘The North and the Sea’.

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A Collision of Class: Guillory Embraces His Background with Masterful Music in EP ‘End of the Walls’

Newcastle native, Easton Guillory charms listeners with his heartfelt EP ‘End of the Walls’. His powerful vocals alongside his acoustic guitar carry such emotion that goosebumps are inevitable. His lead single ‘Always With You’ tugs at the emotional heartstrings; it’s a letter from a late father to his son backed with Guillory’s signature acoustic guitar to create a moving masterpiece. Easton is living up to the legacy his father, Isaac Guillory, built with his work alongside legends such as The Buggles and The Rolling Stones. Sadly, Isaac passed when Easton was just two years old. The tragic emotion and love that Guillory feels for his father is encapsulated in the ‘Always With You’. The simple introduction builds to a chorus filled with passionate vocals and instruments before reverting back to the simple, yet haunting melody. It’s safe to say that Easton is creating a legacy of his own. 

“When I moved to Leeds, I could fully express myself but part of that meant carrying the stereotypes of my upbringing with me. Although I had my share of rough experiences, I wanted audiences to see the beauty of my community too. I see the way people’s faces change when I start singing. They think ‘Hang on. Maybe there’s more here than meets the eye’.”

Growing up from a rough working-class background, Guillory battled fears of ostracization for his love of music. He didn’t let this stop him and now his erratic performance style embraces his working-class appearance. He also used his upbringing to fuel his music and this is clear in his closing track ‘End of the Walls’. Beginning with his staple acoustic guitar, Guillory delivers heartfelt lyrics about class and the struggles he’s faced. The imagery he uses perfectly encapsulates what it was like for him to grow up but is also extremely relatable. The combination of masterful strings and the spoken word style of vocals sounds unexpected but Guillory pulls it off and the end result is a song that enchants listeners with its real world events. 

Easton’s new EP ‘End Of Walls’ drops 05/04/22!

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Youth Illusion Are Sending Shock Waves Through the Alternative Scene With Energetic New EP

Alternative rock band Youth Illusion arrive to the scene armed with insane guitar riffs, drums, and impassioned vocals that mix in a bit of screamo, in true Bring Me The Horizon fashion.  Their latest single ‘Blood On My Hands’, which is part of their six track EP ‘Seeking Answers in Silence’, combines punk energy and an emotional core. ‘Seeking Answers in Silence’ is set for release on 25 March 2022 and with the talent that is demonstrated in ‘Blood On My Hands’ it will be an unmissable EP. 

The four piece band, with members from South Africa, Italy, the UK, and the US, are united by the music that inspired them yet they attain a completely new and unique sound. The influence of artists such as Green Day, Rise Against and Biffy Clyro is evident yet Youth Illusion have managed to take the sounds that so many of us love and transform them into the refreshing music that can be heard in all their songs. The heavy style is designed to be heard live, in the centre of a mosh pit, that will keep fans on their toes, yet there is a strong emotional message behind the guitars.

‘Blood On My Hands’ is one of these songs; beginning with strong vocals delivering a passionate message before diving in with the harmony of instruments that create that alternative sound. The growing energy throughout the song is enough to make any sized crowd energetic. Each second brings something new to the song and the result is a fervid experience that is impossible to resist. 

Youth Illusion have also released a music video to accompany their new single which perfectly demonstrates the energy and charisma the bandmates have with each other and their instruments. It is easy to imagine the perfectly chaotic atmosphere that the live track would bring. Youth Illusion will certainly send shock waves through the system and audiences can experience their ‘Seeking Answers in Silence’ soon. Or, you can join them on their tour if you want to experience their talents live. 

Check Youth Illusion out here:


Support tour w/ Standing Like StatuesHeadline tour w/ support from Big Drink
May 17 – Birmingham, The Sunflower LoungeMay 18 – Bridgwater, The CobblestonesMay 19 – Southampton, The HobbitMay 20 – London, 229 The VenueMay 21 – Chelmsford, Hot Box LiveMay 22 – Cambridge, The Portland ArmsMay 24 – Manchester, The Peer HatMay 25 – Liverpool, Jimmy’sMay 27 – Leicester, FirebugMay 28 – The Lab, Northampton

Eccentric Duo ‘Falling Felon’ Release An Addictive Self-Titled Album

Exciting artist ‘Falling Felon’ have created irresistible sounds in their brand new self-titled album. The eccentric duo capture freedom and wildness in the ten-track album and this is encapsulated in their lead single, ‘I Just Do The Falling’. The song begins with a catchy electronic beat and Lombe’s unique vocals which draw the listener in. Their use of the simple beat with the spoken word style of delivery allows the listener to be completely enveloped by their unconventional style. Apaig drew on a childhood in Zambia and these elements are used throughout the track which, alongside the influences of Berlin and Parisian music, lead to a truly independent way of producing music. 

The duo are clearly suited for each other; Lombe brings her musical talents with a hypnotising voice and Le Meur’s creative vision leads to a quirky dynamic and original sounds. Their music does not stop at catchy electronic beats but also features deep emotions which are carried perfectly in Lombe’s voice. So whether you want to dance or explore your emotions, or perhaps both, Falling Felon is the way to go. They are not afraid to experiment with unconventional sounds and the mixture of influences results in an album of individuality. Each track within the album brings a whole new sensation and stylistic flair.

Falling Felon’s talent is highlighted throughout the album and certainly brings a new sound to listeners. My personal favourite is ‘Asrican Hase’ with its high tempo, addictive beats which make it impossible to sit still whilst listening. No two songs are the same yet they flow into each other so the whole album has an ambient atmosphere and it’s easy to listen to it on repeat and envelop yourself in the duo’s artistic talents. 

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