Casual T delivers first hypnotic single of the year

Titled ‘Transcendence‘, Casual T’s latest release is entirely bewitching. The dark, electro-pop anthem best played at a high volume, “Transcendence” will certainly have you transcended into a realm of hope. Released February 11th, the release has been turning heads within the electronic world with it’s empowering arrangement. Celebrated by the likes of EARMILK,, The Daily Texan and many more, it’s no wonder this artist is making waves within the electronic world.

Talking about the release, Casual T mentions, “Transcendence represents a bridge between the Lovers? Ep and the future of Casual T.  I’m moving away from writing love songs and closer toward capturing the visceral, powerful emotions that make electronic music so exciting.  Transcendence is about letting go of the toxic people and habits that stop you from being your best self.  It is about growing greater than you had thought possible and coming into your own.  It’s about transcending and becoming who you are meant to be“.

Out now, on all major platforms, be transcended into the world of Casual T, you won’t be disappointed.